How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer

Whether you are looking to take part in obedience classes or arrange private sessions to resolve your dog’s behavior, choosing the right dog trainer can be a difficult decision. Choosing the right dog trainer is crucial for your pet’s development as well as your peace of mind. There are several training philosophies and an array of options to choose from therefore choose the right dog trainer whose values align with your values and your dog’s needs, to find out more visit this page.

What to look for in a dog trainer:

The first step would be to ask the trainer about his or her methods and training philosophy and ensure that you are comfortable with the trainer’s approach. Look for a trainer who uses positive reinforcement training, this is a method that is used where the dog is rewarded for appropriate behaviors and taught alternative behaviors in place of inappropriate ones. These techniques are based on the science of animal learning and the bonus of strengthening the dog and owner bond and fostering a love of learning in dogs.

It is also recommended to determine what you need from your trainer. You need to establish what problem you are facing with your dog, whether it is a behavioral problem such as jumping on guests or does your puppy needs to be able to learn basic skills like “sit” and “stay”. Not all trainers and training facilities offer the same services. Usually, dog/ puppy training classes offer an environment where the dogs will be able to socialize with one another and offer distraction training. But sometimes your dog may learn the best in a one-on-one situation, especially if other dogs overstimulate your dog and make him or her anxious.

What to ask a potential dog trainer:

Ask the potential dog trainer about his or her education and any credentials that they may have. Some of the best trainers have learned through apprenticeships and years of experience, whereas others have taken a more academic approach to build and develop their skills. Certifications can be obtained for dog trainers however it is not mandatory, it shows dedication to the profession and showcases an interest in continuing their passion and development of it.

Speaking with the trainer will give you a good feel for his or her personality and people skills before you make the decision. It is often not enough to merely read a brochure or check the website. Dog trainers effectively teach people, therefore as the dog owner you need to feel comfortable being a student and ready to learn. Looking for someone who uses the same positive reinforcement may be the best option, you should choose a trainer who is patient, encouraging, and respectful.

Beyond the basics:

Looking for a trainer who will be able to provide you with more than just basic training techniques will be ideal. Dogs and humans have different ways of looking at the world therefore the more that you can understand your dog’s perceptions, the better equipped you are to meet your dog’s needs and live happily together. Training lessons should include information about dog behavior, dog communication, and how dogs learn. The importance of socializing is key for a good puppy class and advice on grooming and handling is an added perk to dog training.

Dog trainers should understand that their job is not only to train the dog but to train and teach the human how to train and do some reinforcements with the dog. Dog trainers often want to only work with one adult at a time, depending on the dog’s issues, at some point in the process, the dog trainer may welcome the entire household to training classes- kids included. Trainers should be able to understand the importance of getting the whole family on board to ensure there is consistency throughout the family household.

Kindness and courtesy in dog training:

You want a dog trainer who will be professional and polite in their dealings with you. You additionally want a dog trainer who is a good teacher, supportive coaching skills are important to build confidence in your dog and help people see how effective positive reinforcement training can be.

There are many places to get a recommendation for a trainer whether it is from friends or family or people in your nearby park. Regardless of how impressed other dog owners are with a trainer, don’t skimp on your research.