How To Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Your Wife

In your life, after the marriage, nobody is as important as your wife; no one can now take her place in your heart, so just imagine by yourself only how crucial she is for you in your life. Now, tell me one thing: there are crores of people in this world, fine. And among them, she is spending her life with you. She loves you from the bottom of her heart and supports and cares a lot just for you. 

Now, tell me whether she is the most special person in your life or not. Obviously, your answer will be in a single word, and that’s yes. She is your love, lifeline, heartbeat, day and night, the backbone of your life, and a support system for you and your entire family as well. She left her family and house and is now living with you in your home, leaving some of her habits that you may not like. 

Now she is with you in your home just for your family so that she can see happiness in your face. Moving further, it’s your turn now to make this Valentine’s a special day and celebrate with her. Listed below are some thoughts on how you can make her Valentine’s Day memorable and full of joy.

1] Secret Love Letter 

A secret romantic letter can be a great surprise Valentines Day gift for wife. You can write such romantic and emotional lines showing her how much you love and care about her so that this can fill her eyes with tears. Your relationship can also be strong and trustworthy by this pleasant surprise. Don’t just keep the letter in a common place from where she might pick it up easily; hide this in such a way so that she might get this from an unexpected place just to surprise her. Behind the mirror, in between her clothes, or under any kitchen utensils might be a perfect spot to hide a letter.

2] Celebrate Valentine As A Family Event 

This can be the best plan for you both as a couple and also for your entire family. Make this Valentine’s Day a family event with all members; as this day is special, you can perform some amazing arrangements so that all can enjoy the day. Since this day is for couples, you can discuss with your wife and know her point of view, what & how she wants to celebrate this day. Accordingly, both of you can plan for the entire day.

You can start the day by cooking some special and healthy dish for the entire family, then watching a movie or a TV show. You can also choose to go for an outing, as a picnic, and then have your healthy and delicious lunch at that picnic spot only by preparing it yourself instead of doing it in a restaurant. You can also get a chance to view the sunset and beautiful nature with your whole family. 

3] A Beautiful Couple Wallpaper

By seeing wallpaper, she can always remember your love, care, and support as it reflects from this beautiful gift. Suggest a special romantic couple’s photo of yours and surround it with a gorgeous wooden frame. Decorate it with some beautiful red roses for a better and more romantic appearance, and customize it in such a way that it can be easily hung on the wall.

4] Plan A Surprise Trip To Any Special Place

A trip is another option to refresh your wife’s mind by dissolving her into nature. Your wife is so busy with her household work and managing your family that her mind also gets tired and needs some rest from all types of work. Now, in this situation, you can plan a surprise trip for her so that she can feel relaxed for some time. You can visit any special place like a park, museum, or any natural sight. 

This act will divert her mind from her busy schedule, and she can get refreshed in the lap of nature. As most preferred can be any natural place, where you can spend your time under an open sky, with birds and animals beside, rivers flowing behind, and at last at that spot where sunset is clearly visible.

5] Some Latest Party Wear Dress

You can choose the most beautiful and trendy dress for your wife, as she can also wear this at parties and on casual days. There is a large variety of ladies’ fashion, so you can select the one according to her color complexion that matches her personality. In addition, also ensure that the dress matches all other accessories, such as her earrings, necklace, finger rings, and bangles, that she can wear with this dress. Present this in such a way that this can be one of the best Valentine gifts she has ever got.

6] Propose To Her As You Did On The First Date

This can make the moment more romantic if you plan to propose to her as you have done earlier before your marriage. First, prepare yourself and the situation so that your wife can also feel romantic type. Then, decorate the table with some roses and desserts to make a romantic appearance for the table. After this, with some special surprise gifts such as a finger ring or any jewelry set, desserts, or flowers, be ready to propose to her. At last, while putting the ring on her finger, recite some romantic lines and propose to her so that she can feel romantic.      

7] Recap Old Memories Regarding Your Marriage

Seeing your old photos at the time of your relationship or after marriage can help you to go through your older days, such as your first date, the way your relationship converted into a marriage, and then photos of the marriage ceremony, haldi, barat, Mehandi and other functions.  This can help both of you to go to your past and memorize all the things as a recap of your life.


Your Wife is the most special person in your life. So, to impress her, to make her feel romantic and excited, you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day as amazingly as you want. Now, go for some special and trendy ways to celebrate this occasion with your sweetheart. That’s why we have mentioned some of the super tips you can implement on this day so that your relationship will be filled with more love and romance, and with these surprise gifts, you can make extra space in her heart.