How to Calculate Standard Over/Under Penalty Odds at New88 for New Players

How to calculate Penalty over/under odds Detailed and accurate, easy to understand for players when participating in soccer select is very important. When you update the basic facts, you can win. Let New888 reveal how to play this type of selectbet Full tutorial below.

Introducing how to calculate Penalty over/under odds for newbies

Introducing details about Penalty over/under select in football

To participate in this type of bet and win, players need to learn the most basic information. That way, new members can analyze and make the most accurate predictions.

Basic select rules

Penalty bets, if understood in the usual way, apply to both cases during and after the match. Free kicks due to fouls committed by the opponent during the match and penalty shootouts after 2 halves resulting in a draw.

But the most popular and widely used is the penalty shootout to decide the final result. Penalty matches do not always appear, so this type of bet is rarely offered by game portals.

Learn in detail about Penalty Over/Under select rules

The house will give a specific number, the bettor needs to predict the exact number of balls that will enter the net. You analyze and choose Over or Under to appear in this series of shots. In which, the Over bet corresponds to the case where the predicted result is greater than the house’s number and the Under bet is understood as the opposite.

Players need to refer How to calculate Penalty over/under odds from experts and analyze the match situation. That way, the results you give will become the most accurate to bet money on.
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Characteristics of Penalty over/under bets

Once you understand the information about the basic select rules of this type of bet. Players also need to grasp the relevant characteristics of recognizing a valid goal. From there, the bettor can calculate the win/loss:

  • All shots must be taken from the penalty spot (11m).
  • There are only 2 results: win or lose.
  • Valid penalties are shots taken after the main match and both extra periods have not resulted in any team winning the match.

Depending on each game portal, the over/under Penalty odds offered will be different. But in general, these are all the most basic characteristics, as long as you master them, you can bet on any type of bet.

Revealing the detailed method of calculating Over/Under Penalty odds for new players

Players understand the rules and features of this type of bet. Besides, you also need to know How to calculate Penalty over/under odds. All have been introduced by New88 below.

If the second extra period ends but there is still no final result. The house will quickly calculate, analyze and give the Penalty bet and give a specific number.

Instructions on how to calculate Penalty over/under odds, easy to understand

The member’s task is to consider both teams participating in the competition to predict the total number of valid penalty shootout goals scored. The game portal also offers a bonus multiplier. Depending on the final result, players can calculate their winnings/losses.

If you win, the player’s bonus amount will be equal to the odds multiplied by the amount you bet. The end result is the opposite, you will lose all your capital.

Sharing tips on how to calculate Penalty over/under bets to ensure high wins

Can refer How to calculate Penalty over/under odds The detailed and easy-to-understand above has helped you have basic knowledge. But if you want to win, you need to learn more tips from experts.

Refer to tips from experts to predict accurate results

  • Learn about penalty shootout ability: Players refer to the successful penalty kick rate from teams and players. Typically, Croatia has the ability to take many free kicks while France does not take any.
  • Don’t be subjective about joining a strong team: It’s not a matter of being able to shoot the pen well andBillion high rate. There are many teams that do not stand out in terms of achievements, but their penalty shootout ability is extremely good.
  • Look at age to judge: The penalty shootout ability of older players is better than that of young players. Rookies often kick out of the goal because they are not yet proficient in controlling their foot strength and psychological pressure.
  • Learn about the goalkeeper’s experience: There are some players who have extremely good and classy pen-catching abilities. If you meetthese Teams with goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer must reconsider.
  • Firmly grasp the rules of Penalty over/under bets: Members need to learn all information related to this type of bet. You don’t have to wait until the match to get a reference.


New88 has compiled useful knowledge about How to calculate Penalty over/under odds detailed, easy to understand for players. Hopefully this information will help bettors understand the essentials and place correct bets to receive generous bonuses.