How To Avoid Car Rental Scams In The UAE 

With the UAE becoming a bigger hub for tourists and business travelers as the years go by, it is only natural for the car rental industry to follow suit. Due to this reason, the Dubai car rental industry is experiencing exponential growth. 

However, as with all other industries, customers have to beware of the disreputable firms and intermediaries who seek to swindle unsuspecting clients. They can go about this in different ways, like using hidden clauses in the rental agreement that would be disadvantageous to the client and a number of other tactics to extort money from unsuspecting customers.

If you are not experienced in the field of car rental, then you may be liable to fall for one or more of these car rental scams that are not uncommon in the UAE. This may lead to you spending over the planned budget, and possibly ruining your whole trip!

So, how do you identify these scams and companies who carry them out? Well, we’re here to help with that! Below are 5 common scams to watch out for and how to avoid them altogether.

If a deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is: We bet you’ve been told to look through multiple companies for the best deals. But the best deals aren’t always the cheapest, and the cheapest deals could be among the worst! A lot of cheap deals come with hidden costs that you might not pay attention to, and won’t find out about until it’s too late. Before you settle on a company to get your cheap rent a car Sharjah, we advise you to compile the most affordable companies you can find and actively search for any glaring inconsistencies in their policies and requirements to rule out the possibility of a scam. 

Choose a trusted agency: Ask around, make research, and look for genuine reviews about the companies you have shortlisted. Also keep in mind that reviews on the Internet might also be scams! Choose companies that are renowned for their friendly service and transparent operations. Dubai’s largest rental marketplace, OneClickDrive brings together over 200 different tested and trusted car rental companies to ease your task for you. Keep in mind that once a good rental agency is secured, that’s most of your worries taken care of. 

Book directly through the rental companies: Affiliate marketers, agents and intermediaries are quite common in the car rental business. Unfortunately, some of these intermediaries can be fraudulent. They would try to make quick money by overcharging or providing misleading information. Some may not even be affiliated with the company at all. To avoid this, book only at the company’s official website or in person at the dealership. Direct booking also allows you to have a direct point of contact in case of any issues 

Understand the Insurance Policy: Auto insurance can be such a chore. It is something most people want to get over with as soon as possible. However, the insurance agreement is a part where scammers can hide a lot of hidden fees and should be meticulously looked over and understood. You should also check with your credit card company and travel insurance provider to see if they offer rental car insurance, which could save you from unnecessary expenses.

Inspect the car thoroughly: A car that has been through a number of owners is not likely to be in pristine conditions, and you should be aware of that. Before you take your car out, ensure you inspect it thoroughly with a representative of the agency to make sure any damages seen have been properly documented with the agency. Take pictures of the fuel gauge and mileage meter before leaving the agency. These measures might sound a little overboard, but they might come in handy. Better safe than sorry.


Our comprehensive list consists of common scams you might experience in the UAE during your car rental process. It covers the period before you choose a rental company to the moment you leave the dealership with your car, and is sure to minimize the risks of falling into the hands of malicious agencies. Now that we have all this covered, do not hesitate to get yourself the car of your dreams and enjoy your trip to the UAE!