How QR codes can verify authentic CBD products

Counterfeiting is prevalent in cannabidiol (CBD) products because of its exploding popularity across the United States.

As CBD is also not accessible to source and can be expensive to extract, some retailers make fake products to meet the demands at a relatively affordable price.

Legitimate sellers and resellers now use the QR code product authentication feature to show a certificate of authenticity and laboratory reports, proving CBD products are legitimate.

This is crucial for an industry with an expected market capitalization of $26 billion by 2026.

Sustaining the industry’s growth relies on high-quality products for consumers to enjoy and reap the health benefits, including relieving depression, treating opioid addiction, and easing diabetic complications.

The great news is that a QR code generator now has advanced features where retailers can do more than just authenticate the legitimacy of CBD products.

Here are some innovative uses of QR codes for CBD products.

QR codes for inventory and distribution

qr code generator greatly benefit retailers in organizing their inventory and distribution.

Inventory and distribution can be daunting, especially for new retailers and startups with only a few staff to handle company operations.

Using QR codes can make for keeping distribution efficient, ensuring orders arrive on time, and tracking the location of orders and new stocks.

A bulk QR code generator that creates a QR code for each stock makes inventory and distribution more manageable and organized.

As QR codes are trackable, retailers can easily see the progress of stocks, orders, and other inventory and distribution information.

QR codes for company certifications

Customers are now more conscious of their purchases, especially CBD products that offer plenty of health benefits.

Putting a QR code on the packaging allows customers to see the retailer’s certifications for CBD products like non-GMO, organic, and more.

QR codes for company certifications redirect to a PDF or a website listing all these certifications.

This is especially crucial for the market demographic of CBD products that move toward a healthier lifestyle.

QR codes for sourcing history

To further prove that the CBD product is authentic, QR codes that reveal the history of traceability map of the item’s sources.

For example, QR codes for a video or a photo can show consumers whether the source is grown, manufactured, or farmed.

Testimonies and other materials from the workers in the farm or manufacturing plant can further the claim of the product’s authenticity.

This is an excellent marketing strategy to show the public that the retailers have a good relationship with the manufacturers or farmers, which may be a significant factor for some consumers.

QR codes for e-commerce websites

While some retailers sell CBD products in physical stores, most brands sell their items on different e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay.

QR codes for e-commerce websites can be printed on posters, brochures, and packaging or posted on social media platforms. These help ensure customers redirect straight to the brand’s online store.

For brands that have their e-commerce website or take online orders on social media, using QR codes to redirect to these websites can boost the retailer’s presence and brand recognition in the digital space.

Solidifying all routes to the brand’s e-commerce presence, where CBD products are available, is crucial as many people prefer to shop online.

Ensure customers of the product’s quality with QR codes

Ultimately, building customer trust in the brand and its products is one of the most important uses of QR codes.

Since it’s a highly versatile technology, retailers can have different uses and applications for QR codes—the possibilities are endless!

The key to the innovative and creative use of QR codes is generating them through an advanced QR code generator.

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