How much money is given at the birth of a child in the United Arab Emirates?

Arab Emirates is associated with an Oriental fairy tale, which includes luxurious skyscrapers, islands, lagoons, amazingly beautiful hotels and of course wealth. It seems that if you were born in this country, then you automatically become the master of gold bars and bags of money, and you can not only buy an apartment in Dubai, but also several houses at once. Is it so? Let’s figure it out.

What sums are we talking about?

In the UAE they try to encourage young parents as much as possible by paying them financial assistance and benefits. This can be easily seen by how much they give for the first child in the United Arab Emirates, in particular for the birth of a boy. It’s about $50,000.

However, those who have girls are not worth waiting for benefits. Such are the traditions in the emirates.

  • Only indigenous people of the country can receive such monetary rewards.
  • Also, if in other states marriage with a citizen of the country opens the door to some advantages, then in the UAE everything is different. Suppose a native of the Emirates married a visiting woman and they had a son. It would seem that this is not the case. But payments to the couple can not be seen!

Thus, the authorities want to increase the percentage of the local population.

What else does a young family get?

We’ve dealt with money. But there are other interesting things from the category “what does a child born in the United Arab Emirates get”, and, perhaps, we will dwell on them.


  • before the wedding, the couple can receive an interest-free loan, which is issued by the UAE Marriage Fund (plus or minus 20 thousand dollars for each person);
  • at the birth of a child, the loan is marked as “paid”;
  • from the moment of birth, a savings account is opened for the boy, and by the 18th birthday, $ 100,000 appears there.

Financial privileges at the birth of a male child and how much they give at birth in the United Arab Emirates are designed not only to motivate young families to improve the demographic situation, but also because the government is betting on boys, and in the future – men. Since women practically don`t work here, men are considered “earners” who bring income to the family. Many sheikhs in the emirates increase their capital by investing in real estate and this is really a great opportunity to earn passive income and be sure that you will stay on top, so we advise you to contact a real estate agency in Dubai called The Capital Dubai, where real estate experts will select for you the best options in the most respectable areas of the emirates.