How Much Does the Best Essay Writing Service Charge for My Essay?

Each student has their reasons for hiring a writer from the best essay writing service to write their essay. Despite your reason for hiring a writer, you must expect to pay a fee to the writer. The best essay writing companies provide essay writing services for a profit. 

They use the money to pay their hired writers, pay their customer service team, premises, and for investment in technology. Each best essay writing service is independent meaning they determine their pricelist and terms. These terms will determine how much you will pay for your essay. 

How does the best essay writing service determine the amount to charge for my essay?

After you have done your due diligence and selected the best essay writing service you will be using to write your papers, your next step is to create an account with them. Anytime when you want to order an essay, you will log in to your account and give instructions for your paper. 

A writer or customer service personnel on the other end will look at your instructions and give you a quotation for your essay. Some essay writing companies already have an essay writing cost calculator tool that automatically displays the cost of your paper. The total cost you pay for your paper will de be determined by the following. 

How sooner do you want your essay from the best essay writing service?

When you were reading the best paper writing services reviews in your selection process of the best paper writer, you probably noticed most websites give their minimum charge per page. That means it is not a fixed charge but a starting point. 

When placing an order, several things come into play when generating the cost and one of them is how soon you want your paper. If you want your essay within three hours, you might pay for example $5 above the minimum charge. If you want your paper in 10 days, your price might be the minimum charge per page.

How many pages do you want the best essay writing service to write?

At the time of giving instructions, the best paper writing services personnel will ask you to state the number of pages your complete essay will have. The total number of pages will include the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Your total cost will be the number of pages multiplied by the cost per page. For example, let’s say the cost per page is $19.99 and your complete essay will have 10 pages. Your total cost will be 19.99 x 10 = $199.90. 

Do you specifically want a writer with Ph.D., master’s, or bachelor’s degree to write your paper?

The education level of the writer you choose will be crucial in the cost of your essay. Writers with Ph.D. have spent more time in school and have more knowledge. They cannot charge the same with a writer with a bachelors’ degree. 

Most Ph.D. writers offer platinum services which cost more compared with gold or premium services. If your paper is not complex, choose a writer with a bachelors’ degree so that you pay less and still get a high-quality paper. 

What degree level is the paper you are ordering from the best essay writing service?

All students are at different academic levels at any given time. Some are in high school, while others are in their first degree, second, or third. If a high schooler orders a paper from the best essay writing service, they will pay less. If a Ph.D. student orders a paper, they will pay more. 

Essays for higher degree courses are more complex in terms of details, research, and writing. They require more educated and more experienced writers to produce the best quality paper. That is why you will pay more to order papers for advanced degree courses.