How Much Does a Burglar Alarm Cost at Ajax Systems

Ajax is an excellent option if you’re looking for a burglar alarm. They provide a comprehensive range of accessories and professional installation. To get started, download the Ajax app and register your hub. Then, scan the QR codes on the accessories and group them by room. Sticky pads are included to stick them to walls. You can also find partners in the UK.

Burglar alarm system

The company’s wireless products are compatible with various security systems and have a range of possibilities. In contrast, Ring alarms don’t have motion detectors for the exterior of the home or alarm integration. Instead, they use passive infrared sensors (PIRs), which examine the movement of heat in a detection zone. While this may not seem very advanced, it provides an added security layer.

The Ajax alarm system features a siren that will drive away intruders and attract the attention of neighbors. Its indoor and outdoor detectors detect unauthorized entry or break-ins and have LEDs to indicate the security modes. These alarms are compatible with many other clouds of smoke, water, and glass break detectors. The system also works with central monitoring stations worldwide, ensuring that security professionals will arrive within minutes.

Wide work range of sensors

Ajax offers a variety of sensors for burglar alarms, ranging from motion sensors to infrared devices. These sensors work in conjunction with the security hub in the Ajax security system. This hub is a central node in the security system that turns on and off sirens when a burglar alarm is triggered. It also reacts to radio jamming attempts and power outages.

Ajax’s innovative home products focus on indoor and outdoor security. The innovative home products are based on a central hub, power supply, and app that allows users to control the security system and receive notifications via a mobile device. These products include sensors for motion, glass breakage, smoke, and water leakage. Some Ajax intelligent home devices can also monitor water and glass breaks.


The price of a sound burglar alarm from Ajax Systems isn’t too high. You will pay around PS50 to £70 for the best burglar alarm, which is relatively cheap compared to other systems. However, Ajax Systems has other benefits over the Ring burglar alarm. For example, its advanced technology and reliable security make it a better choice. Ajax alarms are compatible with both Ring and ADT alarm response services.

The price of a sound burglar alarm from Ajax Systems isn’t low, but you can’t expect to find better quality burglar alarms at this price. Ajax systems also offer good support and an extensive range of products. All their warnings are safe, reliable, and comply with the Euro standard EN 50131-1 Grade 2 standard. They are also difficult to bypass, but with experience and special equipment, burglars can get through and enter your home.

Installation costs

The installation costs of a sound burglar alarm at Ajax systems vary. The installation cost will depend on the size of the home or business and the distance from the installer. Some companies offer free annual maintenance, but installation costs depend on your situation. Ajax is an excellent company to work with because of its advanced alarm systems. But the installation cost may not be the only consideration when choosing a burglar alarm.


Consider Ajax’s burglar system if you’re looking for a reliable alarm to keep your home safe. This system has three presets full-on, sleep, and night. Ajax detectors can also be programmed to arm or disarm themselves. There’s also a geofence option, which sends reminders when someone enters a particular area.