How is life after qualifying SSC CGL? What perks and benefits are given?

Government jobs in India hold an eminent place altogether, and the SSC CGL examination is no exception. Clearing the SSC CGL makes you eligible for Grade B and Grade C posts in the central government. Due to the long list of perks and benefits that the post offers, the exam has become highly competitive, as it is attempted by an incredible number of candidates.

So, before you start wondering, we are here to provide you with what your life would be after clearing one of the most sought after and competitive exams, which is the  SSC CGL. This would act as a great motivation during your preparation for the exam. With help from BYJU’s Exam Prep, the dream is not far from becoming a reality. It provides you with the best study materials and test series along with online courses.

Life after SSC CGL

Social Status

Many people consider landing a job in the central government as far more prestigious than getting a job in any other department or branch in the government. You may find that friends, neighbours, family, and people in general regard you with reverence, and your social reputation may be on a superior level.

Job Security

The security and promise of a stable job and a stable life are some major perks of government jobs. Unlike in a private job, once you have got the job, you can be mentally free of any distress regarding the security and validity of the job, as long as you stay honest and committed.

To qualify the SSC CGL exam, you need to be consistent with your practice. You should have good knowledge of the syllabus of SSC CGL to grab one of the best govt. Jobs.

Work-leisure balance

Most central government employees work five days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. It is a pretty comfortable schedule that allows you to spend quality time with your family. With a great work-life balance, you can easily find some personal time to work on yourself.

Great Salary and Pay Scale

Though the salary of employees varies according to the designations, the average salary is impressive considering the additional perks and benefits, less work pressure, and the sense of authority that cannot be overlooked.

Sense of responsibility

Once you become a part of government decision-making and execution, you feel a sense of responsibility, pushing you towards doing the right thing. This enables you and even the people around you to be better, more responsible citizens.

A Settled Life

Everyone wants stability and a stress-free life. When you get it early on, you get ample time to enjoy other leisures of living. A settled life is a luxury to many, and by clearing SSC CGL, you can bask in the glory of this luxury.

Benefits and lucrative perks

It might take a lot of hard work to clear the exam, but the benefits make it worth the effort. In addition to a handsome salary, one also gets access to some special perks, which make clearing the CGL examinations all the more lucrative.

  • Medical benefits

As an employee, you automatically become a part of all the medical programs launched by the government and get extra coverage on the medical expenses of you and your family.

  • LTC benefits

Once in a while, the employees are given the LTC (Leave Travel Compensation) from the government to travel domestically or internationally for rejuvenation and a fulfilling break.

  • Pension

The employees of the central government are assured of financial security even after retirement, as a section of their income is automatically allocated towards the government pension schemes.

  • Gratuity perks

Most government employees get gratuity benefits for their long years of service and dedication towards the institution in terms of funds and other benefits.

  • Subsidised transportation

Transportation is rarely a hassle for central government employees as they are eligible for subsidies on their travel expenses. They get transportation allowances regardless of their positions.

  • Secure leaves

In addition to all the other benefits, you would be able to enjoy paid leaves, which is not always the case with private undertakings. You would not have to worry about taking those extra leaves when needed.

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