How HLR Lookup Can Enhance Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

SMS is not only useful for chatting with friends or family, it is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Affordable, engaging, interactive, fast, it offers many advantages to those who use it as a communication channel. However, to be really effective, SMS marketing must be based on an up-to-date customer file, it is even a sine qua non. After all, if you see that your interior is dirty, you are cleaning. Well, it works the same way with contact lists.

Why do you need an up-to-date client file for your SMS marketing campaign?

A clean and up-to-date contact list is one of the essentials for the success of a marketing campaign, and contributes to obtaining a good ROI. Indeed, your strategy can be perfectly put together and targeted, it will not achieve the expected success if your SMS are sent to incorrect or incomplete numbers, or to contacts who do not wish to receive them or no longer wish to receive them. These should therefore be removed from the list. In this case, using the wrong customer file will waste your time and money, while distorting the results and running the risk of damaging your reputation as a sender.

Ensuring the good hygiene of your contact list is therefore the guarantee of better deliverability of your SMS, a higher engagement rate (openings and clicks) and therefore an increase in sales. This will also allow you to have better visibility on what works and what does not work in the strategy you have chosen to put in place.

How to keep your client file up to date?

Delete bad elements

By “bad stuff” we mean phone numbers that won’t read your message or even reach anyone. This therefore includes invalid, incomplete numbers, inactive contacts, as well as landline numbers. Also consider removing duplicates from your file. In this case the HLR lookup online can come to help you. 

What is the HLR Lookup? HLR stands for Home Location Register.

Running a search on the HLR lookup services helps determine if your contacts’ phone numbers are up to date. Then the service deletes outdated client files.

By keeping a clean customer database, you save the cost of mailings to phone numbers, as it eliminates the time of sending messages to outdated numbers, thus reducing the chances of transmission of error messages.

With HLR you save time with targeted mobile marketing campaigns for active customer records.

Computer analysis and contact cleaning take place in real time.

What is the function corresponding to the HLR lookup online equipment?

Mobile phones and their corresponding SIM cards are most often on the move. The HLR is used to identify their last known location.

This information is updated each time the device is transferred to another location.

The HLR also facilitates SMS services to identify which Mobile Switching Center (MSC) the recipient is using at the time of sending. If the party is reported as unavailable by the receiving MSC, a message waiting indicator is sent on the HLR. The message is then delivered as soon as the recipient is located on any MSC.

Benefits of working with our service

Frequently you will find while browsing the Internet services that promise to search the HLR lookup online for free. However, you should know that such services are either usually faulty or overwhelmed by advertisements.

Also, these services have limits on the number of requests you can make to the HLR, or they impose a cap on the number of contacts you can verify before they take you to a paid solution.

Sempico Solutions offers you the HLR lookup service at an affordable price, and allows you to check all or part of your mailing list in real time. You will not spend hours in front of your computer or cell phone doing HLR requests. All you need to do is upload a file with the phone numbers of your leads. Everything else will be done with the help of your personal manager. After it you can view the results of the HLR requests and update your database according to them.