How Glycolic Acid Works on the Skin’s Surface and Pores

Skincare plays an important role in keeping us way more presentable and glowing. In the fast-moving world, as much as our inner beauty, outer appearance also plays a big role. So, it is important for every one of us to have a regimen, and work on the concerns accordingly. There are a lot of ingredients and skin care products available, which target some of the specific skincare concerns and work on fading or reducing them on continuous usage.

For now, let’s talk about the hero of skincare, which is none other than glycolic acid. It is nothing but a type of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) If you are new to this AHA, it is nothing but a kind of acid which has been found in foods. The acid comes from Sugarcane, and they are colourless and odourless. The main role of AHA or glycolic acid is nothing but, it helps in removing the top or upper layer of the skin. There are a lot of glycolic acid products available, which you can choose based on your preferences or skincare concerns. From face washes to serums, you can get them in one go.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid:

  1. Reverses the skin which is prone to sun damage.
  2. Helps in boosting collagen in the skin.
  3. Removes the dead skin cells
  4. Discards the excess oils present in the skin.
  5. Improves the skin texture
  6. Works on presenting the skin way more healthy and even.
  7. Helps in treating a lot of skincare concerns.
  8. Works as an anti-ageing product
  9. Exfoliates the skin naturally.
  10. Acts as an antibacterial product
  11. Works better on acne-prone skin.
  12. If you have lines and wrinkles on your skin, then this should be a must-have ingredient.

The above list of benefits helps in making your skin better looking, young, and glowing at the same time. If you are new or starting glycolic acid for the first time, then wash-off products are the best choice to opt for! Always make sure to patch tests, when you are using any skincare product or ingredients for the first time. A patch test can be done on the neck area, backside, or on your elbows in your hands.

Start slowly; Go with a milder percentage and then gradually increase on continuous usage. Make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you use glycolic acid in your skincare routine. Also using glycolic acid at night would be a better idea. If you are suffering from any of the above skincare conditions, then you should include glycolic acid in your skincare regimen. To start with, use the glycolic acid-based cleanser, once a week, and gradually increase the usage.

If you are confused about choosing the right product, then COSIQ glycolic acid cleanser is one of the best choices to go with. It has 10% AHA, which is way more milder and perfect for beginners. It is a gentle, daily use facewash, but you can use them twice to thrice in a week, and then increase according to your skin adaptation. The best part in this cleanser is, its free from sulphates, parabens,

Silicones, essential oils, frangrences, etc. The PH range of the cleanser is between 4.5 to 5.5. Its a thick gel-based cleanser, works best for almost all skin types. But if you have dry skin, reduce its frequency of usage and layer with a good hydrating and moisturizing moisturizer.

The cleanser can help in making your skin free from pigmentation, marks, and induces a glowing, youthfull skin.