How Does Ottawa Measure Up to Other Major Canadian Cities?

Many parks and leisure opportunities make Ottawa a very livable city. Additionally, it’s one of the most reasonably priced big cities in Canada. This is the city for you if you’re looking for employment with the government. But keep in mind that bilingual workers are needed for those positions. The drawback of living in Ottawa is that the winters can occasionally feel so bitterly cold that you fear losing a toe. Fortunately, it’s really sunny, so you may at least take pleasure in the brightness while bundling up in your winter clothing! Continue reading to learn how Ottawa compares to other significant Canadian cities.


There are many excellent universities in Ottawa. The most esteemed is Carleton University, where my mother attended. Its journalism program is its most well-known feature. The University of Ottawa is yet another outstanding university. The University of Oregon is a well-rounded institution with respected programs in every field of study. Ottawa’s public education system is also quite well. Schools can be found all across the city.


Ottawa boasts a first-rate transit system. The drivers are courteous, the buses are often on schedule, and they travel practically everywhere! Bus stops are conveniently located all across the city. You can easily discover your route with Google Maps. You can even use it to navigate bus transfers. If you’re relocating to Ottawa, get a reloadable Ottawa transit card. You don’t need to bring exact change or bus tokens because you can put money into it online.

Cost of Living

Living in Ottawa is not what many would call affordable. But compared to other cities like Toronto or Vancouver, living there is unquestionably more inexpensive. Ottawa homes for sale, like the majority of Canada, particularly its neighbor Toronto, is experiencing a housing crisis. Although they may not be quite as exorbitant as those in Toronto, Ottawa residents frequently cannot afford them. If you reside distant from the city, a house might be purchased for $400,000 there. The majority of modest, run-down homes in the downtown area sell for close to $1.5 million.


Incredibly green city is Ottawa. Every street is lined with vegetation and trees, and practically every household can stroll to a park. Lakes, hiking routes, and wildlife abound there. The Ottawa River Walkway is a great place to see the outdoors inside the city.


Cycling is a lot of fun in Ottawa. Many of the main streets have bike lanes, and it’s simple to find a bike rack to store your bike. Even inexperienced bike riders like myself feel at ease riding in the wide bike lanes that are present on most of the one-lane highways. Along the river, there are additional paths where you may cycle without a car.

Something For Everyone

Whatever your interests, Ottawa most likely has something to offer you. There is Gatineau Park and the Rideau Canal if you enjoy being in nature. The National War Museum and Parliament Hill are two of Ottawa’s most significant historical landmarks if you’re interested in Canadian history. A fantastic music and arts culture is also present, with performances and concerts taking place every evening. Food lovers will enjoy dining out in the city.