How Can My Business Save Money by Mavie Global?

Finding ways to cut costs can be faster and easier than bringing in more money. A proverb says, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”As mentioned by Mavie Global, a company or business needs to be financially wise. Many entrepreneurs are called frugal people because they keep tabs on all their incomes and debts. As compiled by Mavie Global, these tips will help your company save money.

1. Be a Role Model

Setting an example for your company’s other employees is one of the best ways to help it save money. Your coworkers will probably behave similarly if you have a spending problem. Social influence is a potent instrument. Use it with caution.

2. Have Fewer Meetings

Meetings are a productivity and financial drain for many firms. Mavie Global states that problems arise when meetings are planned and conducted without considering how they will affect group and solo work time. By default, groups frequently sacrifice their own needs, their members’ needs, or both.

When meetings are conducted properly, projects advance, and your business expands. Meetings can, however, become a hindrance to your business if they are done poorly. A technique used by Amazon to keep meetings short and fruitful is to cut down on the number of attendees. According to their general rule of thumb, too many people are in the room, which means it would take more than two pizzas to feed everyone.

3. Avoid Traditional Marketing Strategies

Such as television and print, which are costly to implement. Use low-cost marketing techniques as an alternative. New forms of digital marketing are relatively affordable and can produce sizable returns. A Facebook and Twitter account can be created for free, and effective social media marketing can be done in as little as six hours per week.

4. Think about Working from Home

There are many advantages to having a remote workforce. First, employees are increasingly choosing remote work because it offers a better work-life balance. Additionally, the company will benefit financially from a more adaptable workforce and lower office space costs.

5. Improve your Understanding of your Clientele

You will only save money in every aspect of your business if you know who or what your customers are. You’ll spend money marketing to the incorrect demographic and produce products that aren’t valued. Create your “buyer-personas” instead, and then incorporate your business strategy to offer them value. 

6. Invest in Supplies in Bulk

Most of the time, purchasing in bulk results in lower prices. Buy bulk to save money if you are a brand-new business concerned about your short-term cash flow. Take into account smaller purchases like stationery and larger ones like software and laptops for the workplace. To save money for your company, you should purchase all frequently used items in bulk.

7. Get the Best Deal Possible

Negotiating for a lower price is frequently a wise move. Your internet provider, catering, or software services may fall under this category.  Of course, negotiation is a form of art. Start slowly and take advice from those who have experience with it. How can you best negotiate with suppliers for a lower price (while maintaining a good relationship with them) based on your company’s services and products?

8. You Should not Continue to Compensate Underperforming Workers

An employee must be successful in their position. If they aren’t, you have two options: either terminate their contract or put more effort into assisting them in improving their performance. Overly sentimental behavior will harm your business and the morale of the other employees. 


Mavie Global offers the following wise words: Put business interests first, whatever you decide. You likely tolerated subpar performance for months hoping things would improve on their own. Plan the transition now that the end is near to cause the least harm to the business and coworkers.

9. Use Technology  to Save on Bills

To reduce the cost of utilities, there are some great technological solutions. You can reduce your heating costs by using programmable thermostats, and you can reduce your electricity costs by using smart lightbulbs. Utilities are one small fixed cost that is a great place to start making long-term financial savings. Your company may become more environmentally friendly, which is a bonus.

10. Offer Perks in Place of Benefits

Instead of offering employee benefits, perks may be more cost-efficient and useful. For this reason, Mavie Global mentioned that perks can be perceived as having a higher value than comparable benefits when used properly. Value is frequently found in utility and apparent thoughtfulness. Free munchies or Spotify subscriptions are two examples of this. These might have a little financial impact on the company, but they give employees a greater sense of appreciation than an equivalent pay increase.

11. Offer to Present at Industry Events as a Volunteer

A speech is a fantastic, inexpensive way to increase your brand awareness. Think about making the most of it by recording your speech and providing it to website visitors. If you are new to the field, offer to speak for free at upcoming industry gatherings.

12. Having a Guest Post on Another Blog

As another “value exchange” with a business associate, this is comparable to making a speech at an event. Businesses can access each other’s audiences through guest posting on other blogs, which is inexpensive (or even free) for both parties. 

Additionally, it may help each other’s websites by giving them more SEO “power.” According to Mavie Global, guest blogging is as follows: You want sales, motivated leads, relevant links, authority, and qualified traffic for your business. All these benefits and many more can be yours with guest blogging.

13. Use Computer Programs to Perform the Task Yourself.

There are many great tools available for building online assets for your company. Additionally, employing tools can often be much less expensive than doing it yourself. If you’re on a tight budget, use a platform like Wix or WordPress to build a straightforward website. With the help of software tools like Canva, beginners can create inexpensive and doable projects.

14. Buy Things Second-hand

Yes, businesses can also benefit from buying used. Avoid purchasing broken items. Choose used equipment, though, if at all possible. A start-up can significantly reduce costs by purchasing used office supplies.

15. Use Software to Monitor all Expenses

Accounting for expenses is a requirement for every business. This is an important tool for saving money, so view it as something other than just another hassle to please your accountant.

Using technology to track expenses, such as Turbine, can help reduce costs by reducing the need for accounting services and making it simpler to track and document expenses.

16. Boost Performance

You’ll save money if your company completes more work in less time. Enhancing working conditions can significantly affect productivity, according to Mavie Global. Investing in employee training will enable your team to produce more work in less time, which is another way to boost productivity.

17. Use your Network as Leverage

As stated by Mavie Global, new hires can be expensive to retain. Instead, think about utilizing your networks to locate the ideal talent. Using a recruiter or posting a job listing costs money, but asking a friend for help is free. Maybe it’s time to expand your network if you believe it is insufficient to support you. 

Making significant adjustments to your social interactions can make a huge difference. Use independent contractors. Finding consistent work as a new or expanding business can take time and effort, making hiring employees difficult. Paying someone to idle all the time carries a significant financial burden. A flexible workforce can be achieved by using freelancers. 

18. Make Use of Less Paper

There is an immediate cost when you purchase something physically because paper and the associated stationery will always be expensive. On the other hand, the software can cheaply and infinitely produce digital documents. Additionally, digital documents can be easily searched and organized, so they don’t require much storage space.

19. Use Space More Effectively

Why not make the most of your office space since it costs money to rent or buy? Having multipurpose rooms is a great way to cut costs. This could imply that the conference room you use doubles as the break room. Additionally, consider using a co-working space to share space with other businesses. If you only require a conference room twice per week on average, it makes sense only to rent one when necessary.

20. Make the Most of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Perhaps the least expensive form of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. This occurs when customers are so smitten with your product that they persuade a friend or relative to buy it. In the opinion of Mavie Global, you should make it simple for customers to review and spread their love for your product to maximize the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. Make it simpler for users to share your content on social media and encourage customers to leave reviews on websites like Yelp or Google.

21. Utilize Dynamic Calendars

Discovering a colleague’s availability takes time. Have open and shared calendars as a simple productivity tool.

22. Enhance Corporate Culture

The best time and financial investment may be made by working to enhance your company culture. An enthusiastic employee works hard. Small changes can also have a big impact. This might entail increasing company perks or enhancing workplace culture.

Since happiness increases productivity, you want your employees to be happy. Additionally, a more productive company will work faster, giving it an advantage over rivals. Therefore, companies should invest in developing and supporting their culture.


Your company will grow more quickly if you save money. According to Mavie Global, cost-cutting efforts are crucial to a successful business operation. However, think of something other than this as a simple exercise in cost-cutting; many of these suggestions will have additional advantages. 

The environment will benefit, and money will be saved, for instance, if technology is used to reduce energy use. It can also be quicker and simpler to reduce expenses than to boost revenue. 

Calling a utility company to renegotiate your contract can be done in less than an hour, but developing a new product or entering a new market requires decision-making and work. Cost-cutting is crucial for business success. If you ignore it, you’re only hurting yourself. Apply the smart strategies in this manual to reduce expenses and support business expansion.