How and Where to Farm Bows in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Whether you’re playing an Amazon or just want a bow for magic-finding, strong Diablo 2 Resurrected bows can be very useful. But finding decent bows to upgrade your gear can be a challenge. This guide reveals the top in-game locations and methods for farming high quality D2R bows through gameplay.

Act 1 Bow Farming

Early game bows can be found in the Fields of Misery and Cold Plains zones of Act 1. The Countess and Andy are also good early bosses to check. Beware of weapon racks – they sometimes contain magical D2R bows as early as norm.

Act 2 Bow Farming

The popular Ancient’s Way waypoint in the Lost City is perfect for farming magic-finding D2R bows. Other good areas include the Arcane Sanctuary, Drifter Cavern and Ruined Fane. Always check weapon racks here too for possible upgrades.

Act 3 Bow Farming

Flayer Jungle, Stony Field and Tal Rasha’s Tomb are solid locations in Act 3. Also try farming the bosses Andariel, Meph and Diablo for a chance at rare D2R bows. The weapon racks here can be especially rewarding.

Act 4 Bow Farming

In Act 4 farm the Arcane Sanctuary, Pit of Apkallu and Frozen River. Here you’ll face cold immunes so bowazons shine. Weapon racks are again important to check as you progress through each area.

Act 5 Bow Farming

The enduring classic farming spots are the Tamoe Highland and Ancient’s Way in terms of D2R bow drops. Don’t forget to take on Baal runs in the Pandemonium Fortress too for endgame chances at rares.

cow Level Farming

With its dense monster packs and high champion/unique spawn chance, the secret red portal cow level has long been a favorite magic-finding run. It remains a reliable source of D2R bows for all character types.

Farming Runewords for D2R Bows

Popular runeword bows like Death, Windforce and Faith are best obtained later in the game at higher levels or from trading sites. Farming runes to trade up for these powerful runeword D2R bows is another viable option.

Buy D2R Bows from Sellers

If growing tired of the grind, an alternative is to purchase top level Diablo 2 Resurrected bows from reputable sellers like They have a huge selection of amazing rare, unique and runeword bows to accelerate your character’s progression.

Tables of Best Farming Zones for D2R Bows

Here are tables summarizing the best farming areas and expected monster levels for various acts in finding upgrades to your D2R bow arsenal:

Act Area Monster Level
1 Fields of Misery 1-5
1 Cold Plains 6-10
2 Ancient’s Way 11-15
2 Arcane Sanctuary 16-20


Act Area Monster Level
3 Flayer Jungle 21-25
3 Stony Field 26-30
4 Arcane Sanctuary 31-35
4 Frozen River 36-40

Farming Tips for Better D2R Bows

To maximize your farming potential, always invest in magic find gear and carry identification/gambling charms. Also clear every monster pack and weapon rack thoroughly. With practice and luck, you’ll score great Diablo 2 Resurrected bows in no time!