Hobbies for Women in Their 30s

Spending hours on your phone reading all the gossip on social media has become a norm. As a result, more women spend their free time in front of the TV or on their phones. Now and again, it is all right, but instead, you can spend your free time with something a bit more productive that is relaxing and soothing. So, instead of getting anxious with the news why not invest your precious time in some of the hobbies here.

1. Get Your Green Thumb Working

Gardening can be relaxing, and it is more than just watering your plants. You can learn how to care for different plants, from growing seeds to nurturing them. In addition, you can produce different types of gardens from flowers, herbs to vegetables. So, to get some sense of accomplishment in your life, why not start a veg or herb garden to provide fresh produce for your family.

2. Get That Sewing Machine Out

Yes, you have a sewing machine standing gathering dust. If you do not know how to stitch, why not take a beginner’s course to see if you like it. You can get knitting, do embroidery, or learn to embroider using your sewing machine.  If knitting is what you’re up to, make sure you use high quality materials from Mary Maxim for maximum comfort.

3. Become Creative with Art

Art is a great way to express yourself by being creative with painting or sketching. You can find different art forms from pottery, sculpting, woodcarvings, and weaving. You can pick an art form you will enjoy and take some classes to get started.

4. Make Your Own Jewelry

Maybe you have an eye for nice things like jewelry when visiting a shop. You have some creative designs in your head. Why not try to make some bangles, earrings, and more in the comfort of your home. It is another form of art to become creative with beads, and you can express yourself with what you make.

5. Relax With a Book or Two

This is a hobby shared by many people and a great way to relax your mind. Whether you enjoy reading mystery and expense like the Louise Penny Books in order, believe us, it is a great read. Alternatively, you prefer a thriller like the Shatter Me book series. You can sink into another world spending your free time. No matter what books you read, you always learn something new.

Final Thoughts

While these are a few hobbies to inspire you, there are many more. So get baking. Put your earphones in your ears while singing and dancing to the music playing on your phone. The best part is while dancing, you are active, and when you do art, your mind is creative while reading fills your brain with knowledge. The important thing is you are not spending all your precious time on your phone listening to the gossip stressing yourself up into a frenzy.