Here is a Roadmap to Creating an eCommerce App Like Etsy!

Did you ever shop for anything from Etsy?

If yes, you may have found the most aesthetic, handmade, vintage, and crafty products. 

Several artisans worldwide use it for its seamless procedure in providing their art to buyers. Although it was used earlier by the Southern countries, we have it in India now. 

According to a report, there are 4.36 million active sellers and 81.9 million active buyers on Etsy. It shows us the grandeur of this digital solution. 

What’s more exciting?

In 2021, it was ranked as the 4th fastest-growing eCommerce company. 

Apps like Etsy are rarely found in India. That’s where you can make the most of this opportunity and create your own digital solution like this, creating a buzz worldwide. 

So, if you are also planning to build a replica of this application, association with the best eCommerce app development company will help you. 

Also, if you want complete insight, this guide will help you. 

Now, let’s proceed ahead!

Requirements to Create an App Like Etsy

Here is a roadmap for you to create an application like Etsy. 

  • Buy Domain and Hosting

Not just an app; it will be more fruitful when you have the domain and hosting. So, to create an attractive domain name, write down all the names that appear in your mind. Choose the best five among them. Then, pick the most appropriate option that everyone can easily pronounce, hear, and remember. 

Once you have chosen your domain, buy it from the reputed domain name registrar. Also, buy the hosting to create a storage space for your website that people can visit and place their orders. 

  • Choose a Website Script 

Now, you need to build a website. Ensure to consider the two primary CMS (Content Management System) options. Like: 

  • WordPress
  • Custom PHP Scripts

While using any of these, you can create your own eCommerce website. 

  • Brand Logo

Brand Logo keeps the essence of your brand. It also depicts your uniqueness and creativity. Even more, users come to your products if the logo is attractive. To create your brand logo, you can visit Fiverr and hire freelancers. 

This option is valid for everyone with a budget of $5. However, if you have a reasonable budget and can afford more, 99designs and Youzign are our recommendations. You can also create your own app while collaborating with ‘Techugo,’ the best mobile app development company in India. 

  • Get Buyers and Sellers

The initial days will be tough!

But, you must not lose your power. 

To maintain consumers engagement on your website, it will be good if you first sell your goods to your friends & families. Word of mouth proves delightful and brings positive effects on your business. That’s why ensure to keep the essence with it. 

While making sales, tell your customer to leave any reviews or comments about the product. Also, you can ask them to recommend to their groups if they like the product. It will bring more people to your brand. Moreover, sellers will automatically arrive once they encounter the buyers’ ratio on the website. 

  • Create Your Own App

You could create the app in the beginning. However, if you do not have the budget for it, ensure to wait for some time till you reach your progressive milestone with a set number of buyers/sellers. The best eCommerce app development company helps you develop your own digital solution while creating services from website data. 

It will help you save a lot on the app costs that depend on major concerns, like: 

  • Technology / Scalability / Framework
  • Timeline & Resources
  • Features & Social Elements

The development cost fluctuates as per the features or elements you want to add to your app. Therefore, we recommend consulting with top-notch app developers who can listen to your requirements and provide you with the budget. 

To Sum it Up!

Although we have mentioned in the last to connect with the best mobile app development company in India, if you need further guidance and assistance, drop your concern below. 

Apps like Etsy are rare to find in India. So, this idea can move all entrepreneurs ahead who want to develop their apps within the same genre. Several startups are moving beyond the physical space to grab a virtual space so that people from all corners and outskirts can get their preferred items at their doorsteps. 

You can take this opportunity and bring fruitful growth. Thus, take a step ahead and bring in the evolution of your startup.