Healthy Lifestyle for Kids Using Ayurveda

With the advancing age, lifestyle has taken a huge change ranging from kids to adults. Such habits make it easier for kids to fall into bad habits such as excessive screen time, irregular eating habits, and reduced physical activities leading to easy access to diseases.

It has become very obvious for people nowadays to take time for everything apart from themselves. Keeping in mind that childhood leads the foundation for a healthy life, it becomes a huge part of your responsibility as a parent to encourage a good and a healthy lifestyle which helps in their overall development and keeps them away from everyday problems.

Why choose the Ayurvedic way of Living for kids?

Ayurveda has been in this world, ever since the emergence of mankind. It is not only a medicine but a way of living practiced by our ancestors for a long time. Ayurveda’s base lies in nature, from which we all originated.

It emphasizes mostly balancing Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the whole body and keeping the body disease-free. Everybody has a different balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and an imbalance between these three leads to diseases and an unhealthy body.

It focuses on the natural way of living – eating mindfully, getting involved in Yoga and meditation to free the mind and body simultaneously from all the stresses in and around, and being happy with the little possessions we have.

Being indulged in Ayurvedic practices since childhood not only keeps you ahead of others but also gives you peace of mind. It helps your child balance between studies and extracurricular activities in a better way and helps in their progress without much tension and stress.

Keeping a balance between Vata, Pitta and Kapha is very important or it can lead to digestive, and respiratory problems including problems like ADHD.

Lifestyle changes in the Ayurvedic way-

As a parent, it becomes extremely important to figure out the right way of living in an Ayurvedic way. Here, are some points to help you get started with this-

●      Cleansing the bowel fully

The very first and most important thing in the morning is to cleanse your bowel fully. It helps with an energetic day and easy digestion throughout the day. Make sure your child drinks one full glass of warm water before defecating, which makes it easier for them without putting much pressure.

This habit should be ingrained at all costs, as many kids have a problem with defecating early in the morning.

●      Asanas and Pranayama

Help your child with Asanas and Pranayama, which increase their flexibility and help them regulate their breath in a much easier way which keeps stress and anxiety away. There are various Asanas that are devised for kids of different age groups and help them with physical and mental development at the same time.

You can also make it better by growthinsta helping them do it outside during the hours of sunrise or when sunlight is mild, so that they can get proper exposure to vitamin D.

●      Encourage outdoor play

Send them to play outside or participate in outdoor activities, and limit their screen time as much as possible. This will help them with better eyesight, help in the proper development of muscles and strengthen the bones.

Make sure they spend enough time in nature instead of being close to homes. Encourage them to participate in group sports and make friends to make the experience more enjoyable.

●      Whole foods consumption

Instead of giving them processed foods, make sure you provide them with fruits, vegetables, and cereals which provide nutrition and other essential components. Make sure they eat seasonal and fresh fruits.

You can also try giving them fruit juices, but not too much. Processed foods must be limited as much as possible.

●      Keep your child hydrated

Consume enough water to keep yourself hydrated. A bare minimum of at least 2-3 liters of water must be consumed every day. You can also give your child fruit juices but water is a must.

●      Supplement with Ayurvedic herbs

Give your child Ayurvedic herbs, especially for brain development. The brain is at the growth stage and supplementing it with the right set of herbs accelerates its growth.

Since giving the herbs separately is a tough task, you can provide them with Suvarnaprashan which contains herbs such as Brahmi, Vacha, Shankhpushpi, Swarna Bhasma which help with improved memory and concentration.

They are given in the form of drops and dosage forms vary according to age, and are specially advised on the day of Pushyanakshatra.

●      Using Ayurvedic Products

You can use Ayurvedic products for babies such as fruit juices, babycare products, and much more.

●      Quality Sleep

A good quality sleep removes toxins produced in the brain, improving its efficiency and focus. So, make sure your child is sleeping soundly, keeping all the gadgets away and reducing screen time.

You can help with a calm sleep by providing the fragrance of good herbs which pacifies the brain.


Ayurveda if adopted for the way of life can bring an enormous amount of changes. It gives your child good health, a focused mind, and an abundant sense of living.  A good lifestyle using Ayurveda focuses on good eating habits, limited screen time, and being mostly active.

The Ayurvedic way of living develops you physically and mentally and keeps you ahead of others. In the era of technology, it becomes extremely important to embark on the journey of self-improvement from an early age.