Halong Bay Airport: Connecting You to the Best of Vietnam’s Coastal Beauty

Halong Bay Airport serves as an essential connection point for travelers worldwide to the serene beauty of Halong Bay. In this article, Paradise Vietnam will guide an in-depth overview of the nearest airport to Halong Bay. This information could assist you in making well-informed decisions if you’re considering traveling to Halong Bay by plane.

Traveling to Halong Bay by plane

Airport Distance to Halong Travel time
Van Don International Airport (VDO) 50 km 1 hour
Cat Bi International Airport (HPH) 60 km 1.5 hours
Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) 190 km 2.5 hours


Van Don International Airport – The nearest airport to Halong Bay

Opened in December 2018, Van Don Airport is the newest international airport in Vietnam, boasting a 3.6 km runway designed to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft. 

As the closest airport to Halong Bay and the first privately-owned airport in Vietnam, it stands as a testament to modern infrastructure and innovation. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the airport was recognized as one of the World’s Leading New Airports in 2019 and holds the title of the most technologically advanced airport in Vietnam.

Van Don International Airport

How to get to Halong Bay from Van Don Airport?

The transfer between Van Don and Ha Long takes approximately 1 hour. Generally, passengers flying into Van Don receive complimentary bus tickets to Halong, valid for 30 days from their flight. Two routes are available: Halong City – Van Don (via National Route QL18A) and SunWorld Complex – Van Don (via Ha Long – Van Don Expressway).

If the free bus doesn’t suit your preferences, alternative options include rental cars, taxis, and shuttle buses with seating capacities ranging from 4 to 50. One-way transfer costs vary between 45 and 55 USD. While these options may be more expensive, they offer greater convenience and privacy than bus transfers.

Van Don Airport – Pros & Cons:


  1. Modern and advanced facilities: As the newest international airport near Ha Long Bay, Van Don offers cutting-edge services and amenities.
  2. Short travel time and a complimentary bus ticket to Halong Bay: Passengers flying into Van Don International Airport receive free bus tickets to Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Yen Tu. These locations are conveniently close to the airport, and tickets remain valid for 30 days post-flight.


  1. Limited flight options and high-priced airfare: As a relatively new airport, Van Don only operates a small number of flights daily – specifically, just 3-4 flights from Saigon. As a result, airfares can be high, and flight times may not be flexible.

Modern and advanced facilities at Van Don International Airport

If you’re a tech-savvy, dynamic traveler, Van Don International Airport offers a fresh alternative to older, more established airports. Its proximity to major tourist spots is a significant advantage, especially for budget travelers. However, if you’re departing from Saigon or need a flexible schedule, Van Don may not be the best choice.

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Cat Bi International Airport – Airport near Halong Bay

Situated in the southeast of Hai Phong City, Cat Bi International Airport is a medium-sized hub that offers a range of domestic and international flights. With a well-designed waiting lounge and modern amenities, it provides a comfortable travel experience for its passengers. 

The airport serves 3 – 4 million passengers annually, offering a total of 85 flights across 14 different routes that connect Hai Phong to major cities in six countries. Popular routes include Bangkok, Seoul, Shenzhen, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Lat, and others.

How to get from Cat Bi airport to Halong Bay

Traveling from Hai Phong to Halong Bay, a distance of about 60 km, can be accomplished using various modes of transportation, including bus, taxi, or shared car service. The journey typically takes around 1.5 hours. If you opt for a bus, the fare is approximately 10 USD, whereas a car or taxi ride ranges between 35 to 50 USD.

For bus travel, passengers need to take a taxi to Lac Long Station, then catch a bus to Hon Gai, and finally transfer to Ha Long. Additionally, multiple shared car services and transportation companies offer shuttle buses and private car transfers right from the airport. These services gather enough passengers for a trip and the cost is shared among the travelers.

Cat Bi Airport – Pros & Cons:


  1. A transport hub for numerous international flights: Cat Bi operates direct flights to several international destinations, including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and more.
  2. High-quality services: In a survey of the six largest airports in Vietnam, Cat Bi ranked highly for its excellent services and overall customer experience.


  1. Small scale and fewer flight options compared to Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport: Despite its international connections, Cat Bi is a smaller airport and doesn’t offer as many flight options as Noi Bai Airport.

In conclusion, for travelers from certain Asian countries, flying into Cat Bi Airport may offer a convenient route to Ha Long Bay, given the variety of transportation options available. However, its smaller size and fewer flight options may limit its appeal compared to larger, more connected airports like Noi Bai.

Noi Bai International Airport – Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay

Located about 27 km from the city center of Hanoi, Noi Bai Airport is the second-largest airport in Vietnam, accommodating millions of passengers every year. Despite being 180 km from Halong Bay, it remains a popular choice for visitors due to its comprehensive international connections. 

Noi Bai links Hanoi to many global destinations such as Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Busan, Siem Reap, and more. It also hosts frequent domestic flights to destinations like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Da Lat.

How to get from Noi Bai Airport to Halong Bay

You can get to Halong Bay directly from the airport, bypassing Hanoi. Options include buses or taxis, but remember, the total distance is 150 km.

Bus: You’ll need to get a taxi, motorbike taxi, or bus from the airport to the Bac Thang Long toll station, where you can catch a bus to Halong Bay. This is the most cost-effective option.

Shuttle Bus: A direct shuttle bus from the airport to your hotel can save you both time and trouble. While slightly more expensive, it’s a convenient solution if your budget allows.

Taxi: This is the most convenient, yet most expensive option. The trip will cost you approximately $70 – $80.

Noi Bai Airport, the gateway to Hanoi, brings its own set of pros and cons for travelers planning to visit Halong Bay:


  • A broad range of flight options: With more than 20 international airlines operating out of Noi Bai, it’s easy to find a flight from your city to Hanoi Airport.
  • Easy transfers to Halong Bay: Among the three airports closest to Halong Bay, Noi Bai stands out as a central transport hub, offering a variety of options for airport transfers. Plus, it offers the unique opportunity to experience Halong Bay by seaplane.


  • Long transfer times to Halong Bay: Despite its advantages, Noi Bai is the furthest airport from Halong Bay. Road transfers can take more than two hours, which is sometimes longer than the flight time to Cat Bi and Van Don Airport.

In conclusion, Noi Bai is highly recommended for travelers from various regions worldwide and domestically due to its diverse flight options. However, the longer transfer to Halong Bay might not be suitable for those prone to car sickness.

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To sum up, choosing the airport near Halong Bay will largely depend on your budget, final destination, itinerary, and preferred mode of transfer. It’s crucial to weigh all these factors and consider the information provided in this guide. 

We hope this article assists you in making the best decision for you to choose Halong Bay Airport. If you have any further queries or concerns, contact us at Paradise Vietnam, we are very pleased to serve you.