Hair Restoration in Chicago vs Turkey

Turkey and Chicago are the most popular destinations to have hair transplant surgery. Owing to the booming hair transplant industry in the US and Turkey, thousands of people travel to Istanbul and Chicago every year to get a hair transplant. Mostly, people choose between either location based on how much cost savings they get.

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If you are considering a hair restoration treatment, the main thing you will struggle with is choosing the right clinic. There are a myriad of factors that go into selecting the right hair transplant clinic.

Hair Transplant in Chicago vs Turkey

It is quite common to compare different countries and cities for hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries to find a cheaper, more efficient alternative. For this purpose, most people compare Istanbul and Chicago when researching suitable options for hair transplants. The aforementioned cities are considered the best when it comes to medical care and hair transplant.

Istanbul is an attractive option from the cost perspective while hair restoration clinics in Chicago offer a higher rate of successful hair transplant surgery. The following comparison will help people decide where to have the hair transplant done:


Chicago takes the lead here as it has the best surgeons with superior technical skills and medical training to successfully carry out hair transplant procedures. In fact, Chicago is solidifying its position as a leading city in the US for hair restoration thanks to highly qualified surgeons.

In contrast, not all hair restoration centers in Turkey have medically trained providers. Although clinics in Turkey are offering a good bargain for hair restoration surgery, not all of them have the trained and experienced staff to perform this complex operation successfully.


Once again, Chicago is ahead of the competition with top-notch clinics and high-end facilities. All hair restoration centers in Chicago strictly follow rules and regulations and high hygiene standards, therefore, have a higher chance of performing successful surgery without any further complications or severe infection.

Comparably, many clinics in Turkey are not strictly supervised or regulated, often, technicians with little or no experience are performing this crucial operation. Moreover, hygiene standards are not usually followed when performing hair restoration surgery.

Hair Transplant Costs

Hair restoration chicago cost is most definitely expensive with a typical cost ranging from $7000 to $18000, averaging about 5.15 per graft. Highly qualified and experienced surgeons charge more for performing hair transplant surgeries.

In comparison, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are at an advantage over Chicago due to the affordable cost of hair transplant surgery. On average, it may cost approximately $4000 to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. Besides, many clinics offer all-inclusive packages covering accommodation and tours.

Quality of Hair Transplant

This is where the hair transplant in Chicago truly up their game over the ones in Turkey. High-end technology and techniques are used to perform the procedure. The surgery is performed by highly qualified surgeons assisted by trained medical staff.

On the other hand, Hair transplant clinics have sacrificed quality in order to cut procedure costs. As most clinics have employed under-qualified individuals for surgery, there are high chances of transplant going wrong, scalp infections, and serious illnesses.

Things to Determine When Choosing a Hair Restoration Surgery in Chicago vs Turkey

Cost savings should not be a determining factor, instead, other parameters should be considered when comparing Chicago and Istanbul for hair transplant surgery.

Quality of surgery should be the paramount consideration which is highly dependent on the expertise of the surgeon and the high-end facilities available. The surgeon’s qualifications, expertise, and experience are critical factors to the surgery’s success. Clinics in Chicago have high-end facilities and experienced technical skills for the treatment’s success and reducing the risk of complications.

In addition, the cost of traveling, accommodation, and the possibility of follow-up procedures should have a direct influence on deciding the location for the hair transplant surgery.

Final Verdict

It also comes down to the patient’s hair restoration goals and finding the right clinic and experienced surgeon for the surgery. Under the supervision of relevant authorities, clinics in Chicago offer a higher rate of success and have the required technology and skills to deal with the intricacies of the procedure.