Guide On Doing Your Own Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are increasingly becoming a trend. If you love being independent or do not have enough time to visit the salon, you can learn to do your nails at home. Doing the nails by yourself will save you the service charge, money, and time needed to go for your appointment.

There are so many designs of ombre if it is your signature nails look. You can enjoy exploring the different ombre designs whenever you have your nails done for as much as you want. If you don’t know how to do your nails, don’t panic. Here is a guide on how to do your ombre nails at home.

  • Customize Your Own Sponge

You will require a sponge to do your nails. If you don’t have the standard sponge, you can implement your own nail sponge from a makeup one. You will need a pair of scissors to cut the edges of the sponge flatter to make it suitable for the nails.

Creating a narrow edge on the sponge will help have a wedge that fits your nail. This minimizes the amount of polish likely to find its way to the skin around your nails.

  • Clean Your Nails

Nails are likely to carry dirt because we use our hands to carry out many activities. Before starting the actual process of doing ombre nails, you should ensure they are clean. This includes the removal of cuticles and filing of any stubborn nail layers.

  • Application of a Layer of Basecoat

Applying a basecoat is an important step because it helps protect your nails. Once you apply the base coat of choice, you should wait until it completely dries up before doing anything else on the nails.

  • Choose Your Ombre Colors

Once you have decided on the colors, you want to use, carefully use a brush to apply the colors in three layers on the makeup sponge you had customized earlier. When doing so, you should start with the lightest shade, followed by the medium, and lastly, the darkest shade at the top.

The colors will gradually overlap as you do the brushing on the makeup sponge, and this helps in coming up with the seamless fade of the ombre nails.

In some cases where you prefer powder to use, the step will be different because you will be required to dip the nails in powder. Following the powder step, you should begin b dipping the nail tip into the lightest color. 

For any other colors you will be using, you can use a fluffy brush to apply other color strips. After that step, you can proceed to the sealing stage, where a top coat is essential.

  • Bring the Ombre to Life

This step involved transferring the polish on the sponge to your nail. You should be careful when doing so to ensure that all the color shades that you use find their way to your nail and in the desired order.

Once you do this step with one nail and it turns out as expected, you can go on to repeat the same with all the other nails.

  • Application Of the Top Coat

The use of a top coat is very important because it prevents the nail polish from chipping and helps enhance the desired fade of ombre nails.

To apply the top coat, you need to first wait for the other polish used to dry. Adding an extra layer of top coat does not mess up your design, as some people may think, but it makes it better.

  • Final Touch-Ups

It is likely that at the end of the process, you will have some polish that has found its way to the sides of the nail. Leaving it on will make your final nail look less neat, so you must eliminate it.

You can use polish remover and cotton to remove the extra polish around your nails. As for the part of final touch-ups, use a tapered brush to reach the edges of all the nails easily.