Get To Know Game And How To Play Online Game It.

Hello and welcome everyone to Acec Academy’s Poker Lesson. I believe that is what brought everyone to this point. Probably because we all want to know, want to learn what poker is, how to play it and how to make money from it.

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But before we go deeper into the next chapter. We should start with this chapter. To lay the very first basics for everyone, let’s say that in conclusion, what is poker? And how to play?

What is poker?

Poker (Poker) is a kind of card game. that has been highly popular all over the world. Originated in the United States in the early 19th century, the main goal of any form of poker is to try to outperform your opponent. or trying to make the opponent surrender so that we can win in that turn And eat everyone’s money, which poker is Able to subdivide the form of play into many different formats.

But it is the most popular type of poker in the world. and is the type that we will mainly study. It is a poker game called Texas No Limit Hold’em or abbreviated as NLHE. Players are dealt 2 cards each, with the aim of combining the dealt cards with 3-5 community cards and choose 5 cards to make the strongest hand. (There is no need to choose all cards from your own hand), whoever wins will be able to eat everyone’s pot alone. (Details of playing We will continue to study.)

(Currently, there are many different NLHE game formats, such as 3-1 (3 cards are dealt and then choose to discard 1 card, leaving 2 cards to play) or Shortdeck or 6+ (taking cards numbered 2-5 each blossoms out of the deck only 6-A is left to play) which makes the game more diverse)

Okay, now that you know poker roughly. Let’s start to study the details of how to play NLHE poker (hereinafter simply called poker). better known as NLHE poker)

In order to play that poker We must know these 3 elements first, respectively.

The order of strength (largeness) of the cards


Playing procedure (subheading: playing position / playing action / playing cycle)

The order of strength (largeness) of the cards (Hand Ranking)

in that poker game The cards we are dealt, the hand we play, or the strength of the cards we have. We are often collectively referred to as the “Hand” (e.g. this hand we have a xx hand, we have a hand of xx, or how we played the last hand, etc.).

for poker The size of the cards will be arranged from 2 to A, namely 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T(Ten will use the abbreviation T instead of 10 because it requires only one letter) J Q K A (with single A being the largest But if you have to sort can be sorted from lowest to first, which is A 2 3 4 5 as well)

where each flower is

♣ clubs (club, c)

♦ Diamond (diamond, d)

♥ hearts (heart, h)

♠ spade (spade, s)

are equivalent No flower is bigger

And as I said earlier, One of the objectives of the game is We must try to have the strongest 5-card hand (or have the largest hand) where the order of strength or magnitude of the hand can be sequential.

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