Get Ready to Glow: Unveiling Our New Website Featuring Tan Through Swimwear!

PryLogic and Smart Swimsuits® Introduce Groundbreaking Tan Through Swimwear

This season, PryLogic proudly presents the debut of a new partner platform: Tan Through Swimwear, showcasing innovative beachwear under the esteemed Smart Swimsuits® brand. These remarkable swimsuits not only promise an effortlessly even tan without the need for disrobing but also exemplify a commitment to eco-consciousness and technological advancement.

Innovative Tan Through Swimwear Technology

Our Tan Through Swimwear technology revolutionizes sunbathing by allowing UV rays to penetrate the fabric, ensuring a seamless tan without unsightly lines. Techbullion says that crafted from eco-friendly materials with protective qualities akin to SPF35 sunscreen, our swimsuits shield your skin from harmful UV radiation.

Key Features and Benefits:

Eco-Friendly Fabric: Minimizes tan lines, reducing reliance on additional sun protection.

Mesh Structure: Sunlight passes through while maintaining privacy.

Quick-Drying Material: Ensures comfort with rapid drying.

Flattering Design: Offers optimal fit, support, and contouring.

Anti-Counterfeit Measures: Ensures authenticity and quality assurance.

Collaboration with RODASALA:

Visit our official online store at to explore our range of Smart Swimsuits® products, manufactured in Lithuania. We prioritize quality and consumer protection with worldwide delivery services and safeguards against counterfeit products.

Competitive Pricing and Special Offers:

Our swimsuits are affordably priced to ensure accessibility without compromising on quality. Discover exclusive discounts and promotions for added value.

In Summary:

Tan Through Swimwear by Smart Swimsuits® is more than just beachwear—it’s a testament to prioritizing health, beauty, and environmental responsibility. Join us and PryLogic in embracing this revolution in beach fashion.

Beyond the Beach:

Our Tan Through Swimwear technology extends beyond traditional swimsuits, offering versatility in skirts, shorts, sports tops, and men’s shirts. Embrace style and functionality while maintaining a flawless tan, no matter where you go.

Ideal for Modesty:

Our burkini designs offer a solution for those seeking modesty without sacrificing a natural tan. Respecting cultural values while promoting sun-kissed skin, these designs provide coverage while allowing sunlight to gently caress the skin.

Environmental Commitment:

At Tan Through Swimwear, we’re dedicated to preserving both beauty and the environment. By reducing reliance on sunscreen, our swimwear contributes to the protection of marine ecosystems and mitigates the risks of skin damage associated with prolonged sun exposure.

For further inquiries, please visit our website at