From Snapshots to Stories – Creating Meaningful Photo Books for Friends

Friends play an important role in most of our lives. There are times when we share our secrets with our friends more than our family. This is because of the beautiful bond which has been created between both of them. Even though we all have best friends, the gang is always a vibe even if it’s around a group of 5. If you are looking for the best gift option for your cute gang, then a photobook is one of the best choices to go with!

Photobooks are way more common nowadays; The book generally clubs up all the pictures and prints in the form of a notebook. Even though this seems to be awesome, there are some of the best options available. Wondering what unique the photobook ideas for friends could be? It’s nothing but adding toppings to the ice cream. Confused? So, here it is. Zoomin provides various themes when you can like, The Friends Book, All Your First Experience, etc. Here are some of the themes that you can go with:

  • Consider yourself selecting “ The Friends Book” theme. You can add the picture along with the relatable or favourite line/quote from the series.
  • Also, there are a lot of things which could have excited us during the first trial. You can even bind all of that in a photo book to make sure you cherish and have all those memories together.
  • Every one of us has our own best friends who were with us in all our ups and downs. Collect all your memories which are both best and worst, photobook them and rewind the memories every time you turn the photobooks.
  • Colleagues / Office Pals – All seem to be a second family. We have a kind of bond not just with them but with the whole family. The coffee sessions, extra work hours, office pressure (but the fun between colleagues is way more fun), and all the memories can be listed. You can make a book of all those and share to cherish those precious memories together.
  • Being in love with your friends is way more special and at the same time, soo nice to catch up too. The time you spent together as friends is something that will be travelling for more upcoming years as you two are a couple. Make sure to bind all your beautiful memories in one book to smile every time when you get stressed out.
  • Another theme, “Human Affair” is something that is way more fun, exciting, and at the same time, interesting too! There are a lot more funny chats that we could have shared with our loved ones. So, you can all your favourite screenshots in one go in the photobooks.

The above interesting things can help in cheering and cherishing the lovely memories that you had with your loved ones. You can try the above for making your loved ones feel special.