Flight From Ahmedabad to Patna: Top Tourist Attractions

Air tours have, without a doubt, revolutionised the manner in which we traverse the large expanses of India. With its safety, speed, and comfort, flying has been validated to be a favoured mode of transportation for lots of people. Gone are the days of difficult journeys; now, fulfilling your vacation spot is most skilful depending on a few hours. When it includes travelling from Ahmedabad to Patna, selecting an air direction is the most to be had preference.

Purchasing airline tickets was a challenging procedure before the advent of technology.

Flight Information

Planning to travel on a flight from Ahmedabad to Patna looks good, but you should have an alternative if the first option fails. Chatrikadho Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD) lies nearest to Ahmedabad, and Patna Airport (PAT) is nearest to Patna. As of now, IndiGo, which is the top and best airline in this region, connects four times a week. The non-stop flight duration between Ahmedabad and Patna usually takes roughly 2 hours. Prices for a flight ticket Patna to Ahmedabad range from at least ₹ 7172 to ₹ 31086.

Top Tourist Attractions in Patna

Once you’ve booked your flight and set your tour plans in motion, it’s time to explore the colourful metropolis of Patna. Steeped in records and way of life, Patna boasts of countless attractions that cater to all types of travellers.

  1. Golghar: Constructed during the 1700s, this famous landmark provides sweeping views of the city from its highest point. Tourists have the opportunity to ascend to the observation deck and marvel at the stunning vistas of the Ganges River and the nearby rural landscape.

2. Padri Ki Haveli: Also named St. Mary’s Church, Padri Ki Haveli is one of the oldest churches in Bihar. Constructed in the 18th century, it’s miles renowned for its ancient significance and colonial structure. For Christians in Patna, the church is a place of pilgrimage.

  1. Jadu Ghar (Patna Museum): History buffs will locate solace within the rich array of artefacts housed inside the Patna Museum. From coins and statues to artistic endeavours and manuscripts, the museum gives a complete insight into the cultural history of the region.
  2. Takht Sri Patna Sahib: One of the holiest sites for Sikhs, it has enormous non-secular importance. The tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, was born here, and devotees swarm to this gurdwara to honour him.
  3. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park: Visit the Patna Zoo for a close-up look at wildlife. The park, which is home to several plant and animal species, offers a restorative experience amidst lush flora.
  4. Bihar Museum: One of the largest museums in South Asia, the Bihar Museum has an impressive number of historical and modern-day artefacts on display. Learn more about the country as you discover three galleries chronicling records and a fourth one on ethnic companies of Bihar. Marvel at well-known artefacts like the Mauryan-generation Didarganj Yakshi statue and appreciate pieces of cutting-edge art. The region is open from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. on all days except Mondays. The entry price is INR one hundred for Indians and INR five hundred for foreigners. The museum additionally has a special gallery for kids.
  5. Jalan Museum: Also called Qila House, the museum is constructed at the foundations of Sher Shah Suri’s fortress and houses the personal collection of the Jalan family. Explore the well-curated galleries showing items like a dinner set belonging to George III, Marie Antoinette’s porcelain, Napoleon’s four-poster bed, and Chinese jade paintings.

For the ones flying with IndiGo, they can relax knowing that they offer the quickest flights on this path. Additionally, passengers are accepted to hold their food, supplied if it’s properly packed.

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It is quite easy to find cheap flights. For a cheap domestic flight, try to book three to four weeks or 21 days in advance. To fly worldwide, you must make an electronic reservation at least 7-8 weeks or 51 days in advance to get a better


In the end, an air journey from Ahmedabad to Patna offers a handy and efficient way to traverse these towns. With low-cost fares, rapid flight instances, and various services and offerings, tourists can revel in a continuing adventure from beginning to finish.

So why wait? Book your flight from Ahmedabad to Patna and start an amazing voyage filled with travel and discovery. Start your escapade in Patna, where your travel dreams will take flight!