Flat Roof Replacement: When and Why Should You Consider?

No homeowners would deny that the roof is the most important structure of your building that protects you from rain, snow, and heat. A flat roof, for instance, lasts for several years if installed correctly. But there comes a time when even your durable flat roof needs replacement or significant repairs.

When considering a flat roof replacement, it’s crucial to engage licensed roofers who can ensure high-quality workmanship and materials, safeguarding your investment.

While flat roofs come with their own share of advantages, they are prone to damage and leaks, too. That’s where the concern for maintenance and repair of your flat roof comes into being. In this post, you will learn the several circumstances when your roof needs replacement.

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Flat Roof Replacement: A Few Tell-Tale Signs

Let’s evaluate the situations when you need to replace your flat roof. The following are the tell-tale signs that indicate that you must consult a roofing contractor for roof replacement.

  • Flashing Getting Separated

Flashing gets installed on all roofs, irrespective of its type. It’s a Sydney heritage slate roofing component that covers potential areas where water seeps into your building structure. The initial issues with flashing can be resolved with inexpensive issues. Nonetheless, neglecting the situation leads to replacement needs.

Some seams start separating, causing serious impacts. So, if you have seen the flashing to be separating, now is the right time to get it replaced. Does the flashing on the roof feel loose? Or does it appear to be flapping in the winds? Consult the professionals soon.

  • Cracks in Coating

A few flat roofs use a white colored coating that offers the house improved efficiency. Over the years, the coating starts to crack. When you check cracks in the coating, it’s time you do something about it.

Note that the average lifespan of this type of coating with flat roofing is 15 years. But for older roofs, certain cracking doesn’t fix with simple repairs. That’s when you need to consider replacing your old roof.

  • Water Pooling Problems

Another issue you may experience with a flat roof is pooling water, resulting in cracks. In fact, roofs might also shift slightly after several years, which means they might not be in level. This leads to water pooling.

To ensure that water does not seep into the layers, it is imperative to consider water draining. If you leave the condition untreated, the pool may harm your roofing surface and affect its lifespan.

  • Bubbling and Blisterings

Bubbling and blistering result from adhesion failure. The bubbles in the flat roofs are filled with water and air. It may result from poor insulation, irregular maintenance, or even poor ventilation.

Besides, if the installation gets performed by an inexperienced team, it may also lead to such issues. Noticing this early may reduce your repair costs. But when left untreated, they become big. As a result, you end up with no other options besides replacing your old roof.

  • Tears, Splits, and Cracks

The most common issues with a flat roof are cracks, tears, and splits. If you leave a split or crack untreated, the chipboard or plyboard absorbs water. That might make the roof uneven, preventing it from being in the best condition.

Not considering this issue might lead to dangerous issues in the future. So, if you spot any signs of splits and cracks, please get it inspected by a professional roofing contractor. In such scenarios, the roofing company can recommend full or partial replacement.

  • Issues with the Membrane

There’s a protective membrane installed with most flat roofs, which prevents water damage. Over the years, this membrane may fail to offer adequate protection. Areas like Spokane witness high winds, where the membrane might become loose. So, you need to check the roof and assess the right time for the replacement.

One quick note: Most roofing membranes are often reapplied without a replacement. If a quick fix can retain its condition, considering replacement is pointless. Consult a competent roofing contractor like Advance Roofing LLC for free estimates for roofing replacement and other services.

Your roof shelters you from external weather conditions. So, if you want it to be functional, now is the right time to consult a roofing company to assess its condition. If you notice any of the above signs, do not hesitate to consult a professional for roofing inspection.