Financial Experts Have Explained How To Start Binary Trading In 2023

It is true that binary options trading provides lucrative opportunities online, but it is accompanied by a high level of risk as well. Binary options trading caters to investors who favor a direct and pragmatic investment approach over emotional sentiments in trading. The process simply involves predicting asset price fluctuations (such as currencies, oils, or stocks) within a specific timeframe.If you master the art of binary trading, you will be able to elevate your standard of living dramatically. In this article, Traders Union experts provide a comprehensive guide on how to start binary trading.

Binary options trading: what is it and is it profitable?

Binary options are a means to earn money on financial markets, favored for their simplicity and potential for high, known-in-advance profits. Traders predict the price movement of assets such as currencies, oils, or stocks within a specific timeframe. According to TU analysts, their key advantages are their simplicity and the possibility of earning high profits from their transactions, as well as knowing what they are going to be before they happen.

Basically, you just need to be able to predict how an asset’s price will change during a certain period (currencies, oils, stocks). However, binary options have some disadvantages like any other trading method. It’s possible to lose money if you don’t predict exchange rate changes correctly. Hence, experts at Traders Union conclude that binary options trading can be profitable, but only if your specific prediction is correct. In the majority of situations, the likelihood of winning is evenly split at 50/50, but this probability can be enhanced through the implementation of a more effective strategy.

How to start binary trading?

To get started with binary trading, TU experts recommend following some necessary steps. Here they are:

Step 1: Identify the market and understand the trends:

Before entering binary options trading, choose the market you wish to trade in and comprehend its trends. The underlying market and the strike price are crucial elements of binary option contracts. Determine whether the underlying market’s price will rise or fall compared to the strike price, and select the expiration date and time for your predictions.

Step 2: Estimate returns:

While some brokers offer up to 80% returns on correct predictions, be mindful of the risk of losing your entire investment. Evaluate potential returns based on the identified market and trend.

Step 3: Pick an asset to trade:

Conduct thorough research on available markets before making a choice. Trading currency pairs is simpler, but binary options trading covers diverse assets, including stocks, commodities, and indices.

Step 4: Choose a reliable broker:

Selecting a trustworthy broker is vital for a successful trading journey. Verify their reputation, ensure they are regulated, and consider their track record. An ideal broker should be licensed, offer a wide range of trading assets, and provide an intuitive user interface.

Step 5: Set up and fund your trading account:

Follow the broker’s instructions to open a trading account, undergoing identity verification. After successful verification, deposit funds based on the broker’s minimum requirements.

Step 6: Specify a strike price and an expiration time:

Determine the strike price by assessing the market’s potential above or below a certain level. Next, decide on the expiration time for your asset’s predicted value. Understanding strike prices and expiration times is crucial, so practice with a demo account before using real funds.

Step 7: Place your first trade:

Once you are confident through the demo account, switch to your real account and start with a small investment (around 1% of your total trading funds) to refine your skills and increase your chances of success.


Ultimately, binary options trading offers a simple and potentially profitable entry point into the financial markets. Due to the inherent risk, it necessitates caution and a well-thought-out approach. Understanding market trends and choosing a trustworthy broker are critical steps to protect your interests. To maximize success in the volatile realm of binary options trading, Traders Union experts advise traders to constantly hone their abilities and begin with tiny deposits.