FIFA 23: Best Midfielders Who Worth Your Investment

Who are the highest potential and the best midfielders you can invest in the FIFA 23? As one of most essential positions in FIFA 23, the choice of midfielder is always controversial among the players’ community. Thus in today’s guide I would like to introduce the midfielders with high potential that you can use in this game. I’m going to try my best to not go over too many Icon card or Hero cards, and go through some promo Gold cards. Because I know not everyone is spending a lot of money on this game, so the player cards that are affordable would be an important part on my recommendation.

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is very unique this year in FIFA 23, because he has the strong ability in 94 passing like no other player. His goal is 93, which is not much difference but the main thing with De Bruyne is that he’s got all of the meta traits, and that’s what makes him like such a good midfielder, so Kevin De Bruyne has always been a player that I totally recommend to everybody in FIFA 23, you can save 600k and just get Gold Kevin De Bruyne, he is a lot more affordable. 

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he is from Tunisia and used to played for Manchester United players then be loaned out, so you need to be a little bit patient waiting for him becoming pricey. He’s very aggressive with rated 84, trust me he would become the crazy when he back to Manchester United.

Thiago Almada

He is one of the biggest talents in the world in FIFA. If you play the FIFA for quite some time, you know Thiago Almada was a very good player since FIFA 20. now he became a little bit older, his potential once was above rated 90 and now it’s 87. But nothing wrong with that, Almada feels a little bit like a little Messi in the cheap version.

Florian Wirtz

EA gave him one of the highest potentials on midfielder position from 82 to 91, will be only a plus nine. That isn’t too much in comparison with the lower rated players, but if you go from 81 to 91, it’s a massive upgrade. From my opinion, Florian Wirtz will become one of the best players in the game, so if you want to buy him, you better buy him as soon as possible, or else it might be too late. 

Fábio Carvalho

One of my personal favorites player! He starts off with a very low rating and available to buy him for not too many FUT Coins, and now he can become one of the best and coolest players with rated 86 in the game. I am a huge fan of him both in real life and in FIFA 23!

Charlie Patino

Let’s have a look at the surprise from Arsenal, Charlie Patino is from England, homegrown, a young player and available on a cheap. I believe he’s load out the first season so you have to wait a little bit longer, but then you get yourself a player with rated 85 stared from a measly 64 at first. Of course you can invest your money in Declan Rice, but I would rather spend it on Patino, because he is much times cheaper than Declan Rice, and in the end they almost reach the same rating. 

Sandra Tonali

He is a must buy player in your list, he has speed, passing, dribbling, a very complete player and might be one of the biggest rising stars in the world of football. Meanwhile, he is definitely one of the biggest super stars in the FIFA 23 career mode with amazing 90 rated, once again, invest him as long as you have a chance.

Eduardo Camavinga

He is rated 79 to 89, amazing rising star in Real Madrid. The Midfield of Real Madrid is already high rated, and it will only be higher, all of them can reach a rating of 88, 89 or 90 plus but I think it’s boring to play with a team like all stars, life needs surprise anyway.

El Arouch

That is the reason why I would rather go for a player like El Arouch, at very beginning, he is only 66 rated, and now he is 84. That is what I like a lower rated team, a team that needs to get promoted a couple of times.

Fábio Vieira

Arsenal fans can now sleep well, because a raising star Fábio Vieira may come out. From rated 77 to 87, it’s nothing really super special, but Arsenal has a lot of future followers, so Arsenal may win the Premier League in FIFA in the long run, because with all those talents the team is looking quite impressed.

Overall, That is all the midfield players who have investment worthies I would like to recommend to you, if you know more potential players in FIFA 23, it is my pleasure to communicate with you under the comment.