Female Solo Travel Tips for India

It is incredibly gratifying and memorable to visit India all by yourself—with several flights available easily for booking on Wego—as the country is a hotspot for solo travellers seeking spiritual rejuvenation.

The idea of a solo trip as a female traveller may initially seem daunting as females travelling in India could sometimes feel unsafe. Even though there are many solo travel myths that some people believe to be true, you will find plenty of female solo travellers in India who are definitely up for the adventure and willing to debunk the solo travel myths.

We must, however, keep in mind that travelling alone does not harm a woman if you’re vigilant of your surroundings. In this article, you will find some helpful solo female travel tips to make the most out of your experience in India.

Plan your itinerary

Every solo trip must always be properly planned. This includes researching the destination you’re going to visit, booking your flight tickets, and arranging suitable accommodation or a hotel nearby.

Choosing a destination that is easy to commute to will save you the hassle of navigating a strange place at night. Avoid booking a mixed dorm in a hostel since they will include many men. Instead, you can opt for female-only dorms or a separate hotel room.

Also, it is always best to arrive at your destination during the day. Apart from the major metropolitan cities in India, most places can be pretty deserted at night. Hence we suggest you arrive during the day to find your way through an unfamiliar place with the help of the locals.

Try not to be too thrifty 

We suggest you spend a little more and avoid cheap accommodations or transport if you travel solo. If your journey involves travelling for long hours or overnight, then we recommend that you book a comfortable mode of transportation. Additionally, you can find out about the reputation and read up on reviews for your chosen accommodation ahead on Wego

If travelling by bus or train in India, you can also request to swap seats near a female traveller if you are not comfortable sitting next to a male or use the ‘ladies’ seats’ or ‘women-only’ seats, which are meant only for female travellers. You can also get a local SIM card in India which is relatively cheap. If you already have one, you can use it to download the handy smartphone travel apps, including local metro and taxi apps.

Carry your essentials 

You must carry all your important documents, cash and mobile phone with you at all times. You can also have photocopies of important documents such as your passport, ID card, visa and bank cards. Have your mobile phone charged at all times and carry a power bank or portable mobile phone charger if possible.

Stay safe and be discreet 

Never post your exact location or whereabouts in real-time on your social media handles. Posting a general location is fine but try to avoid details about where you are staying until after you’ve left the area. We also suggest you don’t overshare with people you have just met. Most people in India are friendly; however, just as a cautionary measure, it’s best not to provide details about where you are staying or going next.

To steer clear of any sticky situations that may come your way while travelling alone, update your family or friends about your trip details. This could be the contact of the place you’re going to stay at or even sharing your live location while travelling so that they can keep track of your destination. Being cautious when out alone late, arriving at unsafe neighbourhoods before you arrive, and watching out for danger in any form are all things that will improve your safety levels during your trip.

Trust your gut 

As a solo female traveller, you must trust your intuition. At any given point in time, if you feel that a person or place does not feel right, make an excuse and move out of the situation. Generally, most people mean well and will not bother you. Maintaining a positive outlook throughout your trip will help you enjoy it and radiate positivity and confidence! 

The bottom line?

Travelling solo as a female will build your confidence levels and help you figure out how to get from one place to another. Building up exciting conversations and finding similar interests with people is something that will be a bonus along the way. You will also value moments by yourself and be thankful for the time you get to self-reflect and introspect.