Fascinating Facts about Whipped Cream Chargers aka Nangs

Do you know the true history of whipped cream? Learn about the fascinating story of how the whipped cream charger, which allows us to whip cream quickly and easily without any effort or risk of over whipping the cream and turning the cream into butter, came to be in this article on whipped cream chargers. You’ll be surprised at what you learn!

The history of cream chargers

Before our cream chargers and cream canisters, people relied on hand whipping or mechanical machine whipping for their whipped cream needs. These techniques are require a lot of effort and time. You need to have some practice and skill to make perfectly fluffy whipped cream using these old fashion ways. The invention of cream chargers revolutionized cream whipping, making whipping cream for a range of purposes very fast and easy so perfectly whipped cream is almost impossible to mess up. This is one reason that whipped cream chargers and dispensers are using in cafes and coffee shops such as Starbucks around the world to add whipped cream to coffees and the like.

The science behind the gases in cream dispensers

Where do they come from? What are they? Do all cream chargers contain them? Are there other chemicals involved in creating whipped cream besides nitrous oxide? How can you tell if a whipped cream dispenser contains this gas, and why is it important to know whether or not your dispenser contains this gas?

Where do you find whipped cream chargers?

Whipped cream chargers are now readily available for various kitchenware shops and stores. Furthermore, you can buy cream chargers (or buy nangs as is the slang term for them) from various specialty online websites. Furthermore, in today’s age of I need it now uber eats, menu log, and the like on demand delivery, you can also get whipped cream chargers delivered to your door on demand for a nang delivery service which often operate after hours and on weekends.

How to fill your own cream dispenser?

Filling your cream dispenser is very easy. First add the cream until it reaches the full line. Then screw the top on. Then add the gas in the cream charger to the cream dispense by putting the cream charger in the cream charger holder and screwing it onto the cream dispeners. Then shake the dispenser a few times to dissolve the gas. The dispenser is now ready to dispense whipped cream. Point the nozzle down and press the trigger and out comes perfect fluffy whipped cream.

Where did all the cream canisters go?

If you’re looking for that perfect hint of creamy sweetness to top off your dessert, reach for a whipped cream canister. But if you head out to shop for one, you may be in for a surprise: You’ll find dozens of different types of cans on shelves—but none with whipped cream or cream on them. That’s because whipped cream came in cans until 1993 when it was forced out by nitrous oxide cartridges.

A practical tip on choosing whipped cream chargers and dispensers

There are several different brands of whipped cream chargers and also different brands and styles of whipped cream dispensers. Though there are different brands of whipped cream chargers the gas that they contain is all the same (nitrous oxide or N2O), the only real differences are 1) the purity of some cream chargers is higher and they comply with higher standards; 2) a slight difference in odor that will barely be detectable in the whipped cream; and 3) the amount of N2O gas that the cream chargers contain.  

When choosing a dispenser the main differences are stainless vs non-stainless steel. Stainless steel whipped cream dispensers are for professional use and the other dispensers are for home use. Of the non-stainless they come in both plastic head and metal head. Though the metal head dispensers are moer expensive they generally do not last longer than the plastic head dispensers, this is because the part that usually breaks first are the valves that let the gas in.


Whipped cream chargers provide a quick and easy way to make perfect whipped cream. The convenience of this method of making whipped cream has gained in popularity is recent years which means that you can readily find and purchase the equipment that is needed.

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