Family Holiday Tips in the UAE for Indian Travellers

Are you looking for a family vacation with loads of entertainment and exciting attractions? Then the UAE is a favorite destination for many Indian travellers, including ones with young kids. Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax at a luxury resort, find some great outdoor activities, explore the desert terrain, visit mind-blowing theme parks or simply hit the beach with your family, then the UAE has got you covered.

In this article, you will find some helpful family vacation travel tips to ensure your safety and make the most out of your experience in the UAE.

Best time to visit

The United Arab Emirates generally has 3 main seasons; summer, monsoon and winter. UAE summers in the UAE are pretty hot and humid, with temperatures sometimes rising above 55° C. Don’t expect to have any outdoor trips or activities during the summer months as it can get intolerably hot. Even though rainfall is not frequent, you might sometimes experience rain between December and March and during the winter. If you plan your family vacation during these months, you must negotiate good vacation packages and flight and hotel deals.

UAE winters usually start in December and last until February, which is the peak tourist season. Temperatures during the day are around 21° C and could sometimes drop to 12° C at night. The winter season is probably the best time to visit the UAE because you will find a host of outdoor activities and events for families that are held around this time.

Making reservations in advance

Travelling with family also means you must make all your flight, sightseeing and hotel reservations well in advance. This will ensure a worry-free trip for the entire family. You will not need to hunt for suitable family accommodations and bookings for sightseeing and other attractions once you arrive in the UAE. You can also find plenty of package holiday options to the UAE, which will not only be worth the price, but you will also be able to find exclusive family discounts.

For suitable family accommodations, we recommend Gevora Hotel or FIVE Palm Jumeirah if you plan on staying in the bustling city of Dubai.

Know the latest UAE rules and regulations

Keeping abreast with the latest rules and requirements before you travel is very crucial. There is minimal restrictions and requirements for tourists from India coming to the UAE, but Indian travellers will need to apply for a UAE visit visa, which can be done online.

Also, ensure that you follow the required COVID-19 protocols in the country. Some Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi, may need you to be vaccinated or have a PCR test to visit tourist and outdoor attractions. Wearing face masks is still required in closed or indoor public spaces.

Travel light

Packing light for a family holiday is quite challenging, but it is definitely practical. Always find smaller or travel-size versions of whatever you plan on packing, especially toiletries.

Skip the bulky bottles containing shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. and swap them for travel size or bar versions. Instead of carrying bulky plastic toys, you can switch to inflatable alternatives. If you love reading books on vacation, you can think of opting for an electronic copy instead of an actual book.

Cultural etiquette

The UAE is a safe place to go on a vacation; however, when it comes to etiquette, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Modest dressing is expected of all visitors, except when at the pool. It is also best not to appear drunk in public or drive under the influence of alcohol to avoid any penalties. Please do not use abusive/offensive gestures or swear in public, as it is considered derogatory and could cause some trouble. Always use your right hand while eating and drinking in public.

Keeping essential travel documents handy

It goes without saying that you must carry all essential travel documents with you and make sure they are accessible when you need them. If you’re travelling with children, keeping their documents with you is best, where they will be safe and stand a lower chance of being misplaced. We suggest you keep a photocopy of your original travel documents in case something goes missing. Ensure that documents such as your ID card, visa and bank cards are kept in a safe place.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Planning a family vacation can sometimes be cumbersome, but that does not mean you should miss out on all the fun! A break from your routine life could do wonders for your family and you. The UAE has hundreds of fun things to see and do for the whole family. From Warner Brothers World and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to Legoland, Atlantis Waterpark and indoor ice-skating rinks, the fun times will last throughout your vacation. Vacations provide an opportunity for the family to explore together and make memories that will last a lifetime.