Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Pallet Truck in Kenya

Moving heavy loads from one place to another has always been challenging since the pallet truck came into the picture. The pallet truck price in Kenya ranges depending on a variety of factors.

What should one consider when purchasing a pallet truck for himself? Well, that is covered for you by a series of factors determining the price of the pallet trucks and some of the features of these locomotives.

When evaluating pallet trucks for your operations, it’s essential to consider not just the load capacity and durability but also the maneuverability and ease of operation. The type of casters a pallet truck uses can significantly impact these aspects, affecting everything from steering ease to rolling resistance. For those in the process of selecting a pallet truck, ensuring it is equipped with high-quality swivel casters can make a substantial difference in operational efficiency and worker safety. For a comprehensive selection of top-tier swivel casters that can enhance the functionality of your pallet trucks, have a peek here.

  • The load capacity

When one mentions this heavy machinery, what comes to mind is the quantity of load it can withstand. The truck can be able to withstand a great weight range. Putting too much weight on the pallet truck may lead to breakdowns and may be hazardous to the one operating the machine, as the load may topple over. The higher the load capacity of a pallet truck, the more expensive it will be.

  • The base weight of the pallet truck

The load weight is not the only weight to be considered; the weight of the pallet truck should also be considered so that the combined weight of the truck and load does not breach any weight restrictions in the building. This may lead to catastrophic results if ignored. The lighter the truck, the larger the load that can be carried and maintains the building’s weight restriction.

  • Fork length

A pallet’s fork length should also be considered. If an error is made in the measurements of the fork is made, the machine may not work. This is why one has to consider the task of the pallet truck before purchasing one, as they come with different fork lengths. An error may result in an inability to lift loads.

  • Lifting height

Pallet trucks can lift a load to different heights. The higher a pallet truck can lift a load, the more versatile and comfortable it is. The higher the load can be raised by a pallet truck, the more expensive the truck will cost.

  • Manual or powered

Some pallet trucks are powered, making them easier to use than the manual trucks that have to be pulled. Of course, this additional feature will cost more, but worth it when a lot of load is required to be moved.

  • Surface to be worked on

This comes into consideration due to the noise levels that can be tolerated in the area. Pallet trucks w with rubber wheels reduce the amount of noise made.

  • Availability of brakes

This is an additional feature, as most pallet trucks do not have brakes. This is an added advantage, as accidents can be minimized in flat places. This will cost some more money but is worth it.

  • Price of the Pallet truck

When purchasing anything, one must quickly consider whether it is affordable. The more expensive a commodity, the better its performance will be, but sometimes the statement may not be accurate. One has to consider the features the pallet to be purchased requires to complete the task at hand before buying it.


From the above features, it is straightforward for one to decide the truck to purchase and the reason for the Pallet trolley Jack.