Factors to Consider Before Erecting Scaffolding

Scaffolding is essential to many constructors and workers who want to perform tasks above the ground outside a tall building. Workers can use the scaffolds to build, repair or clean a high building outside. It serves them better. For help with scaffold hire, visit Allstar Access Hire.

This article is based on the scaffolding structures employed by people who wish to use them in Kenya. The materials and design used to structure the scaffolds enable them to sustain whatever weights are posted. Anyone who wishes to know much about these structures will find this article valuable.

Every day, different people are putting up new buildings, repairing the ones in need, and cleaning high places of the outside parts. All these activities are necessary for them to be done, so the knowledge of scaffolding exists for them to be implemented. Different people choose to use the scaffolding of their preference.

Partaking in such tasks has impacted the evolution of scaffolding Kenya. Listed below are some of the factors one should consider before putting up scaffolding;

Proper equipment

The lives of individuals must be protected. Suppose you want to adhere to these in the field of scaffolding Kenya. In that case, it is vital to develop high-quality personal protective equipment that will guarantee life safety to the workers.

This protective equipment may include; High Vis clothes that prevent snagging on the equipment while erecting or dismantling fall protection that is less subject to abrasion and fraying, and hard hats with steps that prevent the hard hat from getting off the head while elevated. High investment in this ensures that the job site is much more successful.

Site conditions evaluation

To ensure that the adequate erection and dismantling process of scaffolds is attained, the area of work must be evaluated critically. These will aid in reducing possible accidents at the site, like falling off the erected structure, which might injure workers or lead to more losses.

For concerns not seen by the naked eye, like high water table and erosion potential, it is advisable to employ professional technics to address such geotechnical concerns.

Furthermore, erecting scaffolds on an industrial or sites that are a multi-craft, it is essential to liaise with the surrounding trades before the commencement of the erection to ensure that;

Nearby excavations maintain the soil base, no performance of any overhead work like cranes and man lifts, and no planned blasting, which may alter the erecting and dismantling of the scaffold.

Field-level risk assessment

Practicing a field-level assessment enables those in management to feature out any possible hazards that may cause accidents at the work site. It should be done earlier to identify the risks, develop procedures to curb them, and ensure the site’s safety.

Rescue plan

The rescue plan should be available early enough for workers to refer to it through erecting and dismantling. Mapping this before starting the scaffolding in Kenya gives you enough time to assemble all the necessary equipment in an emergency.

Ensure you train more times to ensure more safety of the scaffolding in Kenya. This gives much assurance, according to OSHA, 1996.


If considered before erecting the scaffold, the above-listed factors can quickly eliminate injuries and significant accidents reported severally in erecting and dismantling.