Factors that may affect the Price of a Meat Mincer

A meat mincer, also known as a meat grinder, is a kitchen appliance used for grinding meat and other food into good portions. They can either be electric or manually hand-cranked.

The meat is placed in a funnel on top of the grinder. It then enters a horizontal screw that squashes/grinds and mixes it to make it minced meat. The food is then passed through a plate and exits the machine. The size of the holes on the plates determines the finesse of the flesh.

Before purchasing a meat mincer, it is essential to assess the use of the machine you want to buy. Also, you should have evaluated your goals, budget, and requirements. You should research, consult with the ones operating the grinder, and put them up to speed on what type of grinder you want to purchase.


Most customers always go for cheaper products without considering the quality. Different meat mincer models have distinct features, each fitting additional customer requirements. It is essential to check the quality of a grinder before considering the price. The cost of a product has a direct relationship with the quality.


The power of a meat mincer grinder dramatically affects its price. Its efficiency largely depends on how much energy it can use. Meat mincers with high power are used to grind a large amount of meat or tough meat. Other low-power grinders with about 800 to 1000 watts are used for small-scale meat grinding.

Those with high power are more expensive than those with low power. This factor significantly impacts the meat mincer price in Kenya.


Meat mincers are to be cleaned every night after the last grind. Therefore, they should have a material that is easy to clean and can bear regular cleaning without wearing out. Stainless steel is the best material for grinders. They are the best because they are corrosion-resistant and will not rust due to daily wash. They are more expensive than other materials.


Meat grinders come in different sizes. The site also has a direct relationship with the cost. You can select the size you want by determining the amount of meat you grind daily. Most meat mincers have a number that indicates their size.

Grinder plates

Most of the grinders have 2 to 3 plates; therefore, you will need to purchase more plates with varying whole sizes to fit various specifications.


It is crucial to consider the machine’s and users’ safety measures. An overload protection feature protects the meat mincer from overloading by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating.

The reverse function helps to unclog the mincer. It reverses the motor to rotate in the opposite direction allowing it to clear up any jam that can happen.


All these features directly affect the price of meat mincers in Kenya. However, with significant research and suitable suppliers, you can invest in a good quality meat mincer that fits your budget and with all the qualities you desire.