Factors that Determine Commercial Juice Dispenser Price

A juice dispenser is a machine that dispenses lemonade, iced tea, or even fruit juice that has many particulates and can be used to keep drinks and fruits fresh for extended periods. It is convenient to use and can be used even for commercial purposes. It allows serving a lot of juice on a large scale regarding hygiene, primarily in large buffets.

This article explains the different commercial juice dispenser prices in Kenya and the quality that varies depending on the prices.

The cost of getting this commodity in Kenya varies because several factors determine how much each unit goes for. The commercial juice dispenser price in Kenya is usually, in most cases, determined by the factors here;

What is used to make the machine?

When a commodity hits the market, the production cost is usually a significant factor in how much it will cost. Materials used to make a product will directly impact the price at which the device will be sold. For example, goods made of steel will vary from copper or silver goods. The cheaper the material used to make the body, the cheaper the dispenser. On the other hand, the more expensive the material is, the more expensive the end device.

Machine size

The dimensions of a machine determine how much it will go for in the market. With the smaller ones having an average of 5*6*4 cm, it will be cheaper than larger ones with higher dimensions.

It is known that smaller machines, due to their capacity, are usually cheap, unlike the medium and the larger ones, respectively—the less number of bottles a dispenser can hold, the cheaper the machine and vice versa.

Buyer location

The retailers in different areas put into consideration of factors to come up with what to sell the machine at. If the buyer is, far factors like transport cost and the social class of the people around the area are considered when coming up with the machine’s price.


In many areas, the competition in selling any product by the retailer is considered when determining the price of their products. If a site has less competition, the hicking of prices is likely to occur compared to an area where there are a lot of retailers, each trying to make a sale.


Different companies give different prices on their products depending on their production cost, appearance, and the market they target with their machines. For instance, some companies target markets in rich neighborhoods hence making their products have high prices to attract the rich and those who like expensive products.

The machine power

The amount of work that a machine can handle will determine the price it goes for. Appliances work at different rates; hence the more influential the device, the more expensive it is.

The tasks that a machine can handle at ago are also something that is much considered when determining the price of a machine. Some juice dispensers have many outlets, allowing them to dispense different liquids simultaneously.


It is evident that the price of a juice dispensing machine is determined by the factors explained above, and the prices are unlikely to be constant in different areas.