Exploring the Best of Mumbai and Goa: A Bus Journey to Remember

Holidays are exciting, especially if you are planning a road trip. What makes this different from those luxurious flights is the experience. You get to live every moment and second of the journey while taking breaks according to comfort and stopping at picturesque sites. 

That’s exactly by a bus journey is often preferred by travellers, so that they can visit the hidden gems along the way and make lifetime memories. So, are you one of those who are planning a Mumbai to Goa bus adventure with friends or families? If yes then read this blog to create your itinerary!

Pit Stops to Cover

These are the places you can cover while travelling from Mumbai to Goa. Each of these locations has something special to offer and make your journey worthwhile.

  • Lonavala

As you take a bus from Mumbai, get down at Lonavala and take your first much-needed break. Here you get to experience a beautiful sunrise and bask in the greenery and hill view. 

The most popular places to visit in Lonavala are the Bhaja Caves and Karla Caves; the ancient shrines of Buddhists. There are intricate sculptures and massive pillars that would give you a lot to learn anThe next stop after Lonavalad understand about the culture.

  • Satara

 is Satara, a small district in Maharashtra. It was created in the 16th century and was originally the throne of Shahu I; the Maratha Chhatrapati. This place is known for its rich history and culture linked to Maratha Empire and you’d surely fall in love with the beauty. Make sure that you visit the famous Bhambavli Vajrai waterfall before heading to the next destination.

  • Kolhapur

The first thing that comes to our mind with this word is the “Kolhapuri chappal”. But Kolhapur is much more than that. This inland city comes on the route from Mumbai to Goa and is a scenic place. It is the home to the Mahalakshmi Temple and Bhavani Mandap. Apart from that, Kolhapur is also close to Rankala Lake which is known for its greenery. 

It would take approximately 2 hours to reach from Satara to Kolhapur as the distance is around 121 km.

  • Belgaum

if you are travelling from Mumbai to Goa, Belgaum is a must-visit place on the way. This place is known for its fort, there is a picturesque view waiting for you. Visit and capture beautiful memories here with your friends and family.

  • Sankeshwar

Sankeshwar is a small town located in Karnataka that is along the way. There are various attractions including Vittal Mandir, Jain Basadi, Neelagar Ganapati, Banshanksri Temple, and Hargapurgad. Take a break here and enjoy the scenic view, you are not going to be disappointed.

From Mumbai to Goa: Distance

Mumbai to Goa can be an exceptional trip with a view of beaches and greenery. Although the bus travel from Mumbai to Goa can be covered within 13 to 14 hours, you can turn it into an adventure by taking pit stops along the way.

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