Explore 7 Creative Design Ideas for a Unique iPhone Case

Times have changed! Youth these days like to flash their iPhones a lot. You can see them experimenting with various back cases. But soon they turn them down. When you are in the mood to show off your new style, you require something unique. Something that would cast the spotlight on you.

IPhones are more than just regular phones. They are not your everyday Android that needs two repairs a month. They are super expensive and are worth protecting, but to ensure good protection mean you need a good iPhone cover.

However, covers bought from local stores are only good for protecting your iPhone from frequent falls and scratches. Many of them are just plain bland looking. Those designer phone cases that are eye-catching come around as expensive. How do you differentiate yourself from others? So, if you want to stand out from others and make a statement, you can order the best iPhone covers from India’s best mobile cover company.

Don’t worry! We have brought these 7 cool ideas that are enough to drop jaws. Feel free to use these ideas and experiment with them as much as you want to create your own unique design.

Give your iPhone Case a New Look

If you’ve had disappointing experiences with cheap covers in the past, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Most iPhone users get confused when they look for the best iPhone covers. It’s not possible to find one in the sea of options, and even if you come across one you will be thrown away because of its price.

The seven ideas discussed here can take your phone game to a new level. And If you are a designer, then you wouldn’t even take time chalking out designer phone cases. So, stop if you have a habit of shelling out cash for every little accessory. Instead of buying just another iPhone cover, take a moment and check out these cool ideas. But before you get started remember to have a completely blank phone case.

1.    Try Watercolour Cut-Outs

Pull out a piece of paper and colour to your hearts content. Shell out designs you have only dreamt of. Try some new styles like bubble painting and straw painting. After that, cut these pieces into different shapes of your choice and paste them on the back of the phone case. Cove the back with a thin transparent enamel and let it dry.

2.    The Charm of Vintage Stamps

If you have played with old stickers, you will know immediately what we are talking about. Here, instead of stickers, we will use old stamps. Probably those from before the 90s and 80s to give it a truly vintage look. Collect a few of them and paste them on the back. Put an enamelled sheet over the back and you are all ready to dish off your classic look.

3.    Design it with Hot Glue

If you are thinking of adding some 3D design to your broken iPhone cover, you should turn to hot glue. Phone geeks are going gaga over the new hot glue designs. You can try a spider web or make a flower. Or you could play with colours and make a fantasy world. While your friends may showcase their newly bought designer phone cases, don’t forget to stun them with your off-chart hot glue design.

4.    Balloon Phone Case

This is fancy stuff! If you want to have some fun, you can try out the new Balloon phone case trend. You will only need a balloon and your phone. Blow up a balloon so that it’s bigger than your phone. Now keep the phone at the centre of the balloon and let it deflate. As it deflates, it will cover up the whole phone except the screen. Although this isn’t as handy as others, hey! You can simply have fun.

5.    Tattoo Case

This one is simple, take your phone cover and clean it. Take a tattoo of your choice; it can be anything, and paste it on the back of the cover. Once it has dried, do a micro-mist spray.

6.    Pressed Flowers

Just like the previous one, this case design is really simple. Clean your iPhone cover and take pressed flowers, paste them on the cover, and leave them for a few minutes. Put a transparent enamel sheet over it and now you have a nice, flowery phone case in your hand.

7.    Fabric Fase

In this one, you need to work a bit. Head over to a craft store and look for some funky prints and decorated fibers. Once you have chosen your favoured print, cut it out in shape and paste it on your iPhone cover.


Let’s be honest, it is unusual to not come across a person who doesn’t have their phone in hand at least once a day. If, however, that happens, that person would become a meme by now. Pretty funny, right? But that’s the whole point of it.

Since we are always glued to our phones, it’s only fair to add some colour to breathe in a new life. But if you are flaunting an iPhone, you definitely have to up your game. If these 7 ideas are not your cup of tea, head over to Bharat Case. As mentioned earlier, you can get your iPhone cover from the best phone cover company, and by now you would know the name of the company as well. Their wide variety of eye-catching and functional iPhone covers will have you spoilt for choice! While you can always buy them, you can instead dive in and give your creative juices a shape through these covers.  But what makes it special is your creation has both work and emotion, unlike readymade designer phone cases, which might be generic sometimes.