Experts reviewed CAPEX in 2023: broker features, best alternatives

In 2016, was established with the ambitious goal of transforming the landscape of online trading. Implementing state-of-the-art technology, has given traders novel ways to invest in international financial markets.

The 2023 review by Traders Union underscores the unique strategy of CAPEX trading, marked by its educational model that centers around its customers, thereby enriching the trading experience for users. This approach enables traders to tap into an extensive selection of over 2100 financial instruments across various asset classes, facilitating their active involvement in global financial markets.

Expert review of CAPEX

Traders Union experts thoroughly assess the advantages and potential drawbacks of utilizing CAPEX for online trading. On the positive side, CAPEX provides a wide array of trading assets, encompassing currencies, commodities, ETFs, indices, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and thematic investment portfolios. Traders can benefit from the educational resources available through the ‘CAPEX Academy, including market reviews, podcasts, and articles.

Furthermore, CAPEX’s licensing by the reputable CySEC regulatory body ensures compliance with European regulations. However, there are some downsides to consider, such as a high initial deposit requirement of at least USD 100 for a Standard account and USD 1,000 for other account types. Additionally, the trading conditions may seem more focused on marketing rather than delivering specific and actionable information for traders.

More about CAPEX

TU experts point out the following highlights about CAPEX:

Industry portfolios:

  • CAPEX offers meticulously assembled industry portfolios.
  • These portfolios consist of various stocks categorized by sectors like social networks, instant messaging services, automobiles, and retail corporations.
  • The stocks include supplies from some of the largest companies by capitalization and established blue-chip enterprises.

Auto-investing platform:

  • CAPEX has announced its plans to launch an auto-investing platform on its website.
  • This platform will provide users with direct access to preset quantitative strategies.
  • Traders will also have the opportunity to design their unique trading strategies through the platform’s interface.

CAPEX partnership program:

  • CAPEX offers different types of partnership programs.
  • Partners can choose from three categories: individual partnership, franchise, and White Label.
  • There are three reward models available for partners to select from.

Affiliates program:

  • CAPEX provides an affiliates program suitable for website owners and online businesses.
  • Affiliates can earn payouts of up to USD 1,200 per conversion, depending on the referral’s region.

Best alternatives to CAPEX

Traders Union has identified several potential alternatives to CAPEX, which traders may consider:


RoboForex, a well-established broker, emerges as a viable substitute offering a variety of assets such as forex, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. One of its notable advantages is the low initial deposit requirements, which make it accessible to a wide range of traders. Additionally, RoboForex stands out for its inclusion of copy trading functionality, particularly beneficial for novice traders looking to learn and gain insights from experienced traders.


Tickmill, a widely recognized broker, has earned a strong reputation for its competitive trading costs, extensive range of assets, and reliable regulatory framework, positioning it as an exceptional option for traders at any level of expertise. Furthermore, Tickmill provides comprehensive educational resources and exceptional customer support, bolstering its appeal to both novice and experienced traders.


TNFX, also known as Tiran Forex, is a broker that was founded in 2019 and operates under global regulations. It offers leveraged trading opportunities across various assets including currencies, stock indices, stocks, and commodities through the use of CFDs. Notably, the Traders Union review highlights TNFX’s distinction as the Best ECN Broker in the Middle East at the 2022 Forex Expo Dubai. This recognition is attributed to TNFX’s sourcing of liquidity from central banks and professional traders, ensuring a robust trading environment.


Traders Union’s 2023 review emphasizes the innovative approach of CAPEX in online trading, which includes a wide range of assets and comprehensive educational resources. Despite some drawbacks like high initial deposits, CAPEX receives positive evaluations in multiple areas. Traders Union also suggests considering RoboForex, Pocket Option, and TNFX as alternative options, each offering unique trading opportunities. For more detailed information, please refer to the Traders Union website.