Experts Published The BluFX Review For 2023

Embracing the expansive world of Forex trading, the Traders Union (TU) team delved deep into the operations of BluFX, a prominent proprietary trading firm, to provide our audience with a comprehensive BluFX review.

The TU experts published the BluFX review to give traders in-depth insights into the firm’s model and its potential for those seeking to grow their trading careers. This review covers everything from their business framework, trading conditions, advantages, and drawbacks, to a comparative analysis with other leading brokers.

What is BluFX?

According to TU’s investigations, BluFX is a proprietary trading firm with physical offices in the UK and UAE, but it serves traders globally without regional restrictions. Post-registration and verification, a trader immediately obtains a real account with a balance ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. BluFX offers several account types, including Pro plans where a trader can manage up to $1 million with 29 currency pairs at their disposal. Trading is exclusively performed through cTrader. Notably, the firm has several liquidity providers, and the selection of a broker occurs ad hoc.

Analysis of the main features of BluFX

Traders Union’s comprehensive scoring system paints a detailed picture of BluFX’s main features.

  • Overall Score: BluFX received an impressive overall score of 8.6/10.
  • Execution of Orders: In terms of executing orders, BluFX garnered a respectable score of 8.3/10.
  • Investment Instruments: The firm’s range of investment instruments earned a high rating of 8.9/10.
  • Withdrawal Speed: BluFX also scored exceptionally well in the area of withdrawal speed, receiving an 8.7/10 rating.
  • Customer Support Work: Their customer support team’s performance was rated at 8.5/10.
  • Variety of Instruments: BluFX scored an 8.2/10 for their variety of trading instruments.
  • Trading Platform: The company’s trading platform was commended, receiving a stellar score of 9/10.

Trading conditions for BluFX Users

According to TU’s findings, BluFX’s trading conditions are straightforward and favorable. Here are them:

  • The trading conditions offered by BluFX, according to TU’s findings, are straightforward and favorable.
  • There are no initial fees or trading commissions with BluFX.
  • Depending on the plan selected, the monthly payments for BluFX range from $99 to $1,239, with no hidden costs.
  • BluFX offers a fixed leverage of 1:3 for all trading instruments.
  • BluFX’s customer support is available Monday to Friday and can be accessed via a user account or live chat.
  • BluFX only supports Forex trading.
  • The firm shares profits evenly with traders, employing a 50/50 split.

Comparison of BluFx with other brokers

To give a Broader prospectus, the TU experts have compared BluFx with other leading proprietary trading firms.

E8 Funding

E8 Funding offers competitive trading conditions through the MetaTrader 4 platform. Despite a higher minimum deposit requirement, their flexible leverage and spreads may provide a more versatile trading environment compared to BluFx.


Topstep excels in providing a variety of trading instruments through their robust platform. While their minimum deposit and leverage are comparable to BluFx, they offer broader market access.


Fidelcrest operates on MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms, requiring a lower minimum deposit compared to BluFx. While their leverage options are similar, they offer a wider range of spreads.


SurgeTrader maintains a low minimum deposit requirement with a broader array of trading platforms. Despite similar leverage to BluFx, their diverse spreads make them a worthy competitor.

Funded Next

Funded Next offers an attractive trading environment with a low minimum deposit and flexible leverage options. Their extensive market access and competitive spreads set them apart from BluFx.

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The BluFX review presents a detailed analysis of a trading firm offering unique features and trading conditions. While BluFX has certain limitations, its strengths, such as no initial fees and a straightforward account growth system, could make it an appealing choice for many traders.

For a more thorough understanding and to make an informed decision, we encourage readers to visit Traders Union’s official website, where you can delve deeper into the world of Forex trading and gather more insights into various brokers.