Exciting Games and Puzzles for Kindergarten Kids

If you have students in your home looking for a fun and educational activity, look no further. This blog post will give you plenty of games and puzzles to keep the kids from getting restless. So many choices are available that it can be hard to decide where to start. I aim to give you an idea of how some of these games can be used in the classroom and what kind of results you will see.

I love puzzles for the classroom and use them all the time. They are also a great way to work on problem-solving skills, so there are several listed below.

As I mentioned above, I have had a lot of fun with both my students and my kids at home. The fun factor is what drove me to create these ideas. Here is a list of some scenarios to help you decide how to use these activities in your classroom or with your children.

You will see there is a lot here. If you have any questions about any of the ideas, feel free to ask in the comments section and I’ll do my best to give you an answer as soon as possible. Now on with the list!

1) Math Worksheets

Most of us have seen or used math worksheets kindergarten in our careers. They are a great tool for introducing new concepts and reinforcing what the students were taught before. One of the biggest issues with worksheets is that they can get boring very fast. It’s important to keep your students engaged, and games allow them to do that.

Add Pictures & Words – One way to help engage your students is to add pictures and words (maybe a sentence) to the problem on each math worksheet. Have students explain the problem to you and add a sentence to what is being said.

2) Word Problems

This is one of my favorite ways to work on math concepts without getting bored. As with other worksheets, you can add pictures and words, or leave it blank if that’s what you are looking for. The following games will help you work with word problems and make them more fun.

Tricky Words – I like the Tricky Words game because it provides a lot of practice with word problems. It’s a great way to increase the student’s vocabulary and problem-solving skills at the same time. I find that some of my students never get lost using this game over their regular worksheets.

3) Time Worksheets

I have seen a lot of time worksheets on the Internet.They are usually made to be used with your students. The following ones are great if you want to make your own or just use them as is. Pay attention to this collection of interactive telling time worksheets, compatible with any web brother.

Not only do these worksheets give your students practice in telling time, but but they also allow them to work on making choices and decision-making skills. These games will also increase their general knowledge, as some of them can be given to your students as homework assignments.

4) Word Scramble Worksheets

Word scramble worksheets are very fun. Students need to unscramble a group of words into a sentence. Once they do that, they will have the answer to the problem. This type of activity is a great way for students to work on their vocabulary and spelling skills at the same time.

5) Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to keep the class or the kids entertained. You can use them in all subjects and different grades. Students need to work on their problem-solving skills when they are putting them together while reinforcing their knowledge. These puzzles are also a great way to work on problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

6) Educational Games

There are so many educational games online. You can play the ones that are in a classroom setting or ideas to create your own. Here is a list of some of the most popular games that can be found online.

Bloons TD5 – This is one of my favorites and it’s really easy to learn how to play it. It’s great for students who have reading and writing problems or kids with special needs.

Final Words

With all the games listed above, you can give your students lots of practice at a time. This means fewer distractions in the classroom. There are a lot of activities on the Internet that can get boring, but these are not. They are fun and competitive at the same time. I hope this article helped you decide what kinds of games would be good for the classroom or your homeschooled children.