Everything about women in truck driving

Trucking is considered a male-dominated job. And if we are used to the fact that there are more men than women in leadership positions (although we absolutely disagree with this fact), then why is there such inequality in the work of truckers? 

Of course, there are many reasons for this: social, historical, and physical. But experts from Logity Dispatch are sure that we must fight for more women to consider for themselves an exciting and profitable job as a trucker, not relying on stereotypes. We’ll tell you more about women and cargo transportation.

Why are more and more women choosing the profession of truckers?

Moreover, more and more companies are happy to provide women with jobs. The reason for this is the need for more personnel in the field. At the moment, the shortage of truckers is almost 100,000 people. And this problem is increasing — in particular, due to the consequences of the coronavirus and mass layoffs in 2020. People are buying and ordering more and more every year, and someone has to deliver it. The standard market can no longer offer such a number of employees. So, it’s time for women who drive trucks to shine, as they say in this article

We mentioned this reason first because we are aware that business is focused not on stereotypes but on profit. Yes, sexism exists in transport companies during economic and personnel decisions, but when it comes to losses… 

And still, the feminist movement and the formation of society have brought success; this cannot be denied when we talk about cargo transportation. Until recently, one of the leading female roles was caring for children and the house. Now more and more women understand that they do not want to depend financially on men; they want to develop their careers and choose their own paths on their own. This means that an opportunity has organically appeared for them to become truckers. Moreover, at the moment, more and more men are taking care of the house and taking care of children. This means that a woman can safely work and drive a truck for weeks. 

It is worth noting that, at the moment, only 8% of truck drivers are women. We still have a lot to strive for.

However, the percentage is growing every year; the market is becoming more diverse. Why do women themselves go into this profession? We’ll lie if he doesn’t mention the salary. Cargo transportation is one of the highest-paid professions that does not require a degree. This means that there is a good chance of getting a high-paying job that brings in $40,000 a year. Your salary, of course, depends on the terms of the contract: someone gets paid hourly, someone gets a percentage of the load, and someone gets paid for miles. The most profitable and convenient way is chosen by each trucker independently. Also, fleets now offer daily allowances to cover the cost of food and accommodation during flights. 

Female truck driver: pros and cons of working 

Let’s take a sensible look at the situation and consider cargo transportation’s advantages and disadvantages. 


  • equal pay 

You will receive the same amount per mile, per hour, or per load as your male colleague. And this is very rare at work. 

  • pleasant and inspiring work

If you don’t like sitting in the office, you love driving, the road, and trucks, this job is created for you. Imagine vast expanses, different states, and different weather. How many beautiful landscapes you will see! 


  • Sexism and all the bad things associated with it 

Harassment and intimidation – unfortunately, this can happen to you even when you drive a big car. How does the field of cargo transportation differ from other areas in danger from men? Probably not much. Women are constantly in invisible anxiety and in constant danger. Therefore, it is essential to follow several rules to try to protect yourself as much as possible on the road:

1. Plan your route in advance

So at least you will understand when, where, in which hotel, and in which diner you will find yourself on the way. This will allow you to select the areas in which you want to stay.

2. Check out the reviews.

This rule works well for all genders, but if an institution has a bad rating and reviews, a woman will probably feel less comfortable there than a man.  

3. Always lock the doors and stay in lighted places.

You probably understand that someone can get into the truck if the door to the cab is not locked. Let the closed-door rule always be in your head. and the illuminated places will give you inner peace and awareness that people from the nearest cafes, shops, and gas stations will surely notice you, and you are safe.

4. Join a women’s organization that protects women’s rights in various fields

This will help you cope with difficulties and understand how to behave in different situations. If an undesirable attitude towards you is noticed at your work, then the story will be dealt with quickly. At a minimum, other women will not go to work in this company. At a maximum, the company will realize the mistake and correct itself.