Essential Details you need to know about the Silent Generators

Traditional generators are popular regarding noise pollution. It is, therefore, a huge leap for humanity in the invention of the silent generator. However, this invention is costly, just like many recent inventions.

This nature of it being expensive makes many people have yet to interact with an authentic one and hence can be easily tricked.

A silent generator may have varying prices, but the price variation is very legal. The variation can occur because of the following:

  • Type of combustion engine

The same principle applied in cars is the same principle used in the silent generator. A silent generator can use petrol or diesel to run the combustion engine. A petrol-driven combustion engine will be much more expensive than its diesel counterpart

  • Size

The size of the generator is in direct proportion to the generator’s price. To put it in simpler terms, the smaller the generator, the fewer the materials used in its making, hence the lower the price. The size can also be considered a template to approximate the generator’s output. Basing yourself on the line of this argument, you will have to agree that a bigger generator means a higher price.

  • Power output

The power output of a generator is used to measure its performance and hence can also be directly proportional to the silent generator price in Kenya. It goes as basic common sense that the more the output, the higher you perform. For example, a generator generating one hundred watts is more expensive compared to a fifty watts generator.

  • The fuel consumption rate

A more expensive generator will tend to have a lower fuel consumed to the output ratio. The less fuel required to produce a higher amount of electric energy will mean that the generator is a high performer, and hence its price will be even higher.

  • Creative designs

Updated versions of silent generators will also have additional optional accessories like a container to drive it and supply power for various other devices – an automated transfer switch to detect surplus power and bring it back to standard.

  • Location

The advantages of installing a silent generator are more likely to be felt in remote places where access to commercially supplied power is occasionally tricky. This is so that silent generators can more readily be linked to serve as the home’s primary energy source. Silent generators are more susceptible to the elements when used outdoors.

Fortunately, models are constructed of protective, rust-resistant materials that significantly increase their durability.

The following is a significant advantage of having a silent generator:

  • Easy outdoor event planning

When organizing outdoor events, portable generators are crucial since they may be utilized to power music systems and provide illumination. They make hosting significant occasions like weddings, celebrations, and marketplaces easier in locations without an electric network.


In Kenya, the use of silent generators has significantly increased. The industrial revolution and the fact that they are always dependable have sparked this.