Epic Trekking Routes in Nepal: What you Need to Know about Manaslu Peak 

One of the world’s eight tallest peaks, Manaslu Peak, is located in Nepal, a trekking haven. However, this sanctuary has a secret treasure called the Manaslu Circuit. You may already be aware of the popular and well-known routes, but we’re going to show you some of the less-known but equally amazing trekking routes in Nepal, particularly the paths that lead up to Manaslu Peak.

Locals refer to Manaslu Mountain as “Kuntung Kang,” or the mountain of light. The wind rustles the ethereal summit, and charming communities embrace Tibetan customs. Manaslu’s appeal is found in its off-the-beaten-path appeal. Your endurance will be put to the test when you cross the 5,106-meter Larkya La, but the expansive views of Manaslu will make it all worthwhile.

Manaslu is not simply your typical Base Camp excursion; it’s less crowded, more off-the-beaten-path, and whispers of breathtaking landscape. It is a natural haven, but it’s also got a thriving culture and a challenge that will make you feel like a hero from the Himalayas.

Top 5 Epic Trekking Routes to the Manaslu Peak

“Where do I start and finish my Manaslu Circuit Trek?” is a question that may cross your mind.

Most hikers choose to complete their Manaslu Circuit Trek in the opposite direction of the clock. For the Manaslu Trek, the anticlockwise route is recommended since it will allow you to easily adjust to the altitude, while the clockwise route requires you to ascend a steep, rocky trail for hours between Bimthang and Larke La Pass.

The following are the top 5 trekking routes to Manalsu Peak that you should think about for your upcoming Nepali trekking experience:

The Classic Manaslu Circuit Trek

Who hasn’t heard of the well-known and popular Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Embrace the great outdoors with the traditional Manaslu Circuit Trek. You can replace the throngs of tourists traveling to Manaslu Peak with yak caravans and prayer flags waving in the icy glaciers. This classic hike passes through Buddhist settlements, lush valleys, and icy glacier moraines before reaching the stunning heights of Larkya La Pass (5106m).

Additionally, you may fully immerse yourself in Manangi culture by stopping to chat with friendly villagers over yak butter tea, picking up their ancient language, and witnessing vibrant customs that adorn the route with tales of sustainability and peace with the natural world. There will be vistas before your eyes, ranging from the commanding Manaslu to  the jagged beauty of Himchuli, which redefines awe-inspiring.

The Manaslu hike passes through dry Trans Himalayan high grasslands that border Tibet and the subtropical Himalayan foothills. It goes without saying that the magnificent summit provides a spectacular vantage point over the progressively rugged terrain, which includes a high pass crossing at Larke La. This hike is remarkable from a geographical and cultural standpoint.

Tibetan immigrants from decades ago currently live in Nubri (the western mountains), an area famous for Upper Buri Gandaki. The spoken language, attire, and habits of the Manaslu people are virtually exclusively Tibetan. However, you can converse with them using simple Nepali words.

Nubria and Tibet are still trading continuously; for example, Chinese beer and candy are more common than Nepali ones. Tibetan religion and culture are deeply ingrained in this area; most locations have  Tibetan names with a meaning behind every name.

The Tsum Valley Trek

Before the Gorkha district’s Tsum Valley Trek was first made accessible to hikers in 2008, it was a restricted region. The ethnically Tibetan people who live in the Tsumpa Valley are rich in many ways. There are many real treasures to be discovered, like majestic mountains, thriving Tibetan culture, historic Buddhist monasteries, verdant foliage, arable soil, blue sheep, and Himalayan vultures.

Trekking to Tsum Valley gives you a chance to see how Buddhist nuns and monks go about their daily lives. During your trip, you discover tranquil sanctuaries and spend valuable time with Tsumpas.

The spectacular snow-capped peaks are seen as you enter a mysterious area that is tucked between Manaslu Peak and Ganesh Himal. With its historic gompas, prayer flags rustling in the breeze, and traditional communities unaffected by modern development, the Tsum Valley beckons.

You will stroll through more colorful rhododendron forests, listen to the gurgling symphony of glacial rivers, and feel the wind blow through prayer flags while you are surrounded by towering peaks. In addition, you can go to the revered Tsum Gumba, which is positioned on a cliff like a protector of antiquated customs, and experience the tranquility of Tibetan ceremonies.

The Manaslu Base Camp Trek

The fascinating Manaslu Base Camp Trek takes you up three of Manaslu’s peaks, also referred to as Japanese Peak. This hike leads to the base of Manaslu, a powerful peak that offers breathtaking views of its spectacular north face and glacier-carved face.

You can also push yourself as you go through bird-filled rhododendron forests, climb steep peaks for spectacular views, and cross rushing rivers on suspension bridges. For those with limited time, this shorter walk offers a glimpse into the region’s beauty and challenges while condensing the romance of the complete circuit.

In 1992, the Manaslu Base Camp Trek became formally available to tourists as an adventurous walking experience. However, due to the unique trekking permits and restricted routes back then, relatively few people made it to Manaslu Base Camp. You will be able to witness over ten peaks rising above 6,500 meters as well as a few over 7,000 meters when you travel this route. This trek’s many dispersed communities, historic gompas, and pasturelands are what make it remarkable.

The Larke Pass Trek 

One of the many options for exploring the Manaslu Peak region is the Larke Pass Trek. The Larke Pass route travels through the breathtaking area and passes over Larke Pass, the trek’s highest point. This shorter hike crosses the famous Larkya La Pass, which provides unrivaled vistas of the Annapurna range and Mount Manaslu.

You will be able to take in the bare beauty of the Himalayas in all its raw force, from lush valleys to glacier moraines and high-altitude meadows. Your resilience will be put to the test by the Larkya La’s steep rise and descent, which will give you a sense of success that will resonate in every stride.

The Larke Pass Trek will also provide you the chance to see the Tibetan people, who are mostly Tamang and Sherpa, and to explore the stunning area. Walking over Manaslu Larke Pass will also expose you to Himalayan trees, flowers, and other flora and fauna.

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Circuit Trek

An amazing trip is the Manaslu Tsum Valley Circuit Trek. This amazing adventure blends the circuit’s stunning scenery with the undiscovered beauty of Tsum Valley. In addition, you will be able to take in breathtaking views, a variety of civilizations, and the exhilarating rush of high-altitude passes.

From the energetic villages of the circuit to the serene spiritual surroundings of the Tsum Valley, you may enjoy the best of both worlds. The Manaslu region may be thoroughly explored on this journey. This longer walk, called the Manaslu Tsum Valley Circuit walk, requires both mental and physical ability. but providing you with priceless memories and a strong bond with the Himalayas.

In the past, only adequate camping equipment was allowed for trekking in the Tsum Valleys and Manaslu Circuit Trekking. However, tea houses are now constructed there to accommodate hikers and mountaineers who want to explore these secluded valleys of Manaslu and Tsum, which are located in the Gorkha area, as well as to serve them a hot and fresh lunch.
Trekkers will be treated to a breathtaking vista of Mount Manaslu (8,156 m), the remote Himalayan Tsum Valley, home to the secret Tibetan Buddhist community, and the breathtaking 5,100 m Larke Pass on this combined Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek.


The trip to Manaslu Peak is actually more about transformation than it is about physical exertion. An adventure on Manaslu means stripping down to your underwear, facing your fears, and venturing outside of your comfort zone. It’s a return to the unadulterated splendor of the natural world, a stroll through its most ancient customs, and proof that human nature cannot be changed.

Thus, here’s what you may do if you want to discover your Everest and venture beyond the ordinary routine of daily existence. Tie up your shoes, pack your curiosity, and make goals for Manaslu. This is the place where memories are etched into the soul and legends are created. This is the location of your ideal Nepali hike.

Prepare yourself for difficult terrain, elevation changes, and erratic weather. But exploring Manaslu is an experience that will live indelibly in your memory if you are willing to heed the call of the wild.