Embracing Bold Prints and Colors: Checkout These Women’s Shirts For A Perfect Summer Look

Summer gives everyone a perfect chance to show up as bright and bold as the sun. It is a time when one can break out of their fashion shell and embrace bold prints and colours. From wearing playful patterns and lightweight materials, summer brings a whole new wardrobe option. People prefer cool and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen for t-shirts, shorts, shirts for women and men, dresses, and even swimwear. With bold prints and colours, you can add a dash of vibrancy and zing to all your outfits.

How to Choose the Best Shirts For Summer

Whether you want to take sunbathe, vacation, or carry on with your daily chores, summer shirts for women let you do everything in style in summer. Remember to keep the following things in mind before selecting your summer wear.

  • Fabric: Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or rayon, which help you stay cool even during hot days.
  • Colour: Light colours reflect heat and dark ones absorb heat. Therefore, opt for colours like white, cream, or pastel shades to repel the heat. Dark colors such as black or brown can make you feel hotter.
  • Fit: People generally choose loose fit in summer to allow air circulation as it keeps them cool and comfortable. But ill-fitting clothes can also make you look poorly dressed. So make sure to choose shirts for women that balance both comfort and style.
  • Occasion: Another essential factor to keep in mind is to figure out how you plan to spend your summer. If you might spend time under the sun, choose clothes that can also protect you from UV rays. If you are a beach person, try shirts for women with quick-drying properties.

Shirts for Women for a Perfect Summer Look

Bold prints for summer have stayed in trend not only for dresses, skirts, and shorts but also for shirts for women. Whether you love floral or geometric patterns, you can have a lot of fun putting together effortlessly charming outfits. In this section, we talk about the different shirts and prints you can choose to create your style.

Go Sweet on Candy Stripes

Women chose stripes as a symbol of freedom when they were stereotyped as wearing laces and frills all the time. Therefore, stripes were introduced to shirts for women, corsets, and even bustles. You can opt for a Sleeveless shirt or a Peter Pan Collar shirt with candy stripes to play with the colours and create a perfect summer look!

Glam Up with Polka Dots

Polka dots carry a timeless and glamorous look. Whether you want to look effortlessly casual or elegantly formal, polka dots serve you well. By mixing playfulness with abundance, polka dots bring a lot of joy. Add a polka-dotted Peplum or boxy shirt to your wardrobe to rule the summer.

Unleash the Animal Prints

Every person with a great fashion sense owns at least one item with an animal print on it. Animal prints have stood the test of time by being bold and stylish. If you too want to be a part of this timeless trend, hunt for shirts for women with monochrome zebra prints, snakeskin patterns or the most loved of all, leopard prints.

Stay Stylish with Geometric Prints

Geometric prints and the summer season have a special bond. All kinds of shapes and sharp angles printed with excellent colours can be seen everywhere, whether you go out for a party or a summer wedding. Geometric print shirts for women paired with bottoms, skirts, or trousers make a great pair together. Keep your body shape in mind when selecting prints and patterns. Tall women can go for Henley shirts with prominent figures, and those with petite frames can benefit from diagonal or vertical shapes.

Floaty Floral Prints

Nothing welcomes summer in fashion as floral prints do. Whether you choose a dress with flowers printed on it or opt for a top with floral motifs on it, you can look as bright and beautiful as the flowers. Flowers are the epitome of femininity, and hence Button Down shirts with floral patterns and playful colours are a hit during summer.

Try Crochet, Embroidery, or Lace

If patterns and colours do not spice up your wardrobe, combine them with different fabric crafts such as crochet or embroidery. Crochet shirts for women are as big a hit as embroidery ones. You can also opt for bold collars, ruffles, or laces at the sleeves, hems, and necklines to stand out stylishly.

Tips to Embrace Bold Prints and Colours in Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest fashion inaccuracies can show up when one tries to combine prints with other prints. Of course, you can go wild and experiment, but too much of anything can make the outfit look too bright for the eyes. Listed below are a few tips on how to rock the summer with zesty and fun patterns.

Base Colour

If you want to mix more than one print, you need to maintain the same base colour that brings your entire outfit together. For instance, if you choose a floral women’s shirt and a striped bottom, make sure they contain a standard colour that effortlessly blends them.

Different Sizes of Patterns

The Boho vibe trends every summer. So if you want to carry the same, you can combine prints or patterns of different sizes. Opt for soft floral shirts for women with a brightly patterned skirt or palazzo.

Trust the Trend

While bold prints and colours trend during summer, not everyone might love the same patterns. What prints and patterns you choose should be a personal choice and not a competition. As long as you feel comfortable and confident about your outfit, you can make the styles work.


Bold prints and patterns can amp up your style quotient when done with the right balance. Now that summer has begun, it brings you the right time to refresh your style and shine your way through the season. Shirts for women with splendid prints and colours can be paired with white or grey jeans to keep the rest of your outfit in a neutral tone. Try the shirts for the women mentioned above to feel confident and glow like the sun!