Effectiveness Of Disposable Vape Devices In Helping To Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. It is not without reason that many people struggle with this addiction for decades, but still cannot overcome their dependence on nicotine. In fact, a person will no longer want to smoke when they no longer have the feeling of nicotine hunger. However, even medical professionals recognize that it is very difficult to completely and quickly get rid of cravings for the energizing (and for others, soothing) effects of nicotine.

Therefore, many creators of means to defeat smoking decided to go the other way. For example, the inventor of the classic electronic cigarette positioned his device as a much less dangerous means of transportation of nicotine into the body. That is, he used a trick – replaced smoking with vaporization, because cigarette smoke contains more than 7000 deadly, including carcinogenic, substances and compounds. As they say, a smart man will not go uphill – a smart man will bypass the mountain. In the sense that nicotine enters the body, and such a large-scale threat to the life and health of the smoker and others is not observed.

But with the appearance of sub-systems on salt nicotine the situation in general has become interesting: after all, nicotine salt was developed to help smokers get rid of a bad habit. Therefore, formally reusable pod or disposable electronic cigarette, for example, the popular model elf bar 1500 for 1500 pulls, can be safely called almost therapeutic means of smoking. However, let’s not be hasty, because there are nuances, knowledge of which will help to maximize the use of vapes to get rid of tobacco smoking.

Let’s stipulate at once: vaping helps to quit smoking, but does not necessarily get rid of nicotine addiction

Harm from smoking ordinary and vaporizing disposable electronic cigarettes is not comparable, but this does not mean that disposable e-cigarettes are completely safe. After all, they contain salt, but still nicotine. That is, such devices really act as an alternative way of sending the active ingredient into the body. Therefore, at least at first, a person does not poison himself with smoke and tar, but nicotine receives correctly. Actually, this method is based on this: first, the smoker weans off conventional cigarettes, but saturated with the usual dose of nicotine, which avoids the painful feeling of nicotine hunger.

Further, experts advise to gradually reduce the strength of liquor. However, it is important to keep in mind that to bring it to zero is not so easy, because nicotine salt has truly unique properties. And liquids for vaping in disposable vaporizers necessarily contain salt nicotine.

Nicotine salt as a guarantee of the effectiveness of the fight against smoking

Salt nicotine is obtained from ordinary nicotine, or rather, from its extract from tobacco leaves. Raw materials are abundantly treated with alkaline solutions and thoroughly cleaned of impurities and additives. As a result of the reaction of neutralization of the acids contained in the extract and multi-level purification, nicotine salt acquires the following characteristics:

Reduced acidity;

Acid-alkaline balance as close as possible to the pH of the human body;

Almost complete absence of external inclusions.

Such advantages have led to the fact that salt nicotine got its most amazing properties:

Rapid absorption into the bloodstream (200 times sooner compared to regular).

Long withdrawal time from the body.

Quickly satisfying the feeling of nicotine hunger.

Reduction in the number of smoke breaks.

Non-recognition by the human immune system as a foreign substance due to the same pH level.

These five “whales” are the reason for the effectiveness of disposable and reusable vapes on the salt slurry in the fight against smoking. After all, such a substance copes with its main task – to deliver nicotine to the body quickly and as safely as possible – 100%.