Effective way to prevent mosquitoes at home with cua luoi chong muoi

There are many ways to prevent mosquitoes such as using mosquito coils, mosquito lamps, spraying mosquito repellent chemicals… Besides, there is an effective and non-toxic way to prevent mosquitoes at home which is using anti-mosquito screen door. Please contact hotline (0283) 884 2698 for advice.

Mosquitoes are small insects but they are agents of transmission of dangerous diseases such as Zika and dengue fever. Sometimes, using anti-mosquito ways at home such as using electric rackets, mosquito catchers, mosquito coils… are not very effective. Especially in the rainy season and in houses around areas with many dense trees, the number of mosquitoes breeds and develops a lot. An effective solution to almost completely prevent mosquitoes at home is to equip the anti-mosquito screen door system in your home with screen doors. Let’s find more details about this solution with Viet Thong through the article below.

Mosquitoes are the agents that spread the dangerous Zika disease

How to prevent mosquitoes at home with extremely effective cua luoi chong muoi

“Cua luoi chong muoi”  types

There are many types of cửa lưới chống muỗi today, suitable for all types of house door structures. After a long period of improvement, screen doors now achieve both good quality and high aesthetics. Some types of anti-mosquito screen door currently on the market:

  • Fixed anti-mosquito screen door: This is the most basic type of screen door, often suitable for installation in places such as high ventilation windows.
  • Rotating wing anti-mosquito screen door: When installed, this type of screen door requires enough space to open the door, so some locations will not be suitable for installation.
  • Sliding door anti-mosquito screen door: This is the most common type of anti-mosquito screen door at home, suitable for all types of doors in your house.
  • Anti-mosquito screen doors with fan-shaped wings: This type of screen door is often used for large main doors, depending on the reality, choose a design with 2, 3… wings. When closed, the door will be folded together like the spokes of a fan blade very neatly.
  • Self-rolling anti-mosquito screen door in rolling box: This is a modern, highly aesthetic screen door model. However, it is not suitable for high places with high winds because the screen door frame is not as sturdy as other types.

Anti-mosquito screen door  structure

The structure of an anti-mosquito screen door usually includes 2 main parts:

  • Door frame: made of durable, beautiful, lightweight aluminum alloy material, does not rust after long-term use. The screen door frame will be tightly attached to the frame of the main door or window.
  • Mosquito net: made of alloy fiber, or stainless steel, for self-rolling doors, fiberglass will be used. These are all durable, beautiful materials and suitable for the structure of most types of doors today.

Anti-mosquito screens are the optimal anti-mosquito method at home today

Benefits of preventing mosquitoes with anti-mosquito screen doors

Using anti-mosquito screen doors at home is the most optimal solution today. With layers of screen doors that prevent mosquitoes and other insects, we can comfortably open the main doors of the house to let in fresh air. natural gas from outside.

Instead of using electric rackets and mosquito catchers every day, they are not very effective. Using mosquito coils and sprays affects your health with dangerous chemicals. If you install the screen door, from then on you will have complete peace of mind so that family members, especially young children, can comfortably play anywhere in the house without fear of being bitten by mosquitoes.

If you compare the initial cost to prevent mosquitoes at home, installing a anti-mosquito screen door system will be higher than other anti-mosquito measures. However, comparing the level of effectiveness and shelf life, in the long run the cost will certainly be much more optimal than having to constantly buy sprays and mosquito medicine.

Viet Thong anti-mosquito screen door construction company

Viet Thong Company is a professional supplier of anti-mosquito screen doors at home. With good quality raw materials, combined with a team of experienced staff to create high quality Vietnamese products.

Viet Thong Company guarantees to provide customers with the best products with quick installation and maintenance services. The staff receives regular technical training and always works with dedication and professionalism.

Professional and dedicated staff of Viet Thong company

If you are choosing an anti-mosquito solution at home that is both safe and highly effective, installing anti-mosquito screens will be the most optimal solution. Through surveys, customers who have used the screen door system installation service of cửa lưới chống muỗi Việt Thống company are very satisfied with the product quality and anti-mosquito effectiveness.


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