EdrawMax — Your Best Choice For UML Diagram Making

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UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram is a visual representation of a software system’s design, architecture, and implementation. The core purpose of the UML diagram is very straightforward — in a typical development cycle, there will be 1000+ lines of codes, and it would become difficult to track the relationships and subsequent hierarchies within that system. To overcome this issue, the project manager creates a UML diagram, which helps separate the overall system into components and subcomponents.

Creating a UML diagram can be a complex process for beginners or project managers who are just starting. These days, most companies go ahead with a UML diagram software that helps them create a UML diagram. Some of the major benefits of using UML diagram software are as follows:

  • A UML diagram software provides access to built-in templates and symbols.
  • With UML diagram software, you can onboard multiple team members to check the documentation and hierarchies of the components and subcomponents.
  • It becomes comparatively easy for the project managers to present the UML diagram to different team members when they go ahead with a UML diagram software.

What is EdrawMax?

EdrawMax is a 2D diagramming tool that lets registered users create 280+ diagrams. From network diagrams to building plans, flowcharts, biology diagrams, science diagrams, infographics, UML diagrams, P&ID, and such, you can create almost every type of diagram with this tool. Unlike other diagramming tools that offer a limited number of features, EdrawMax is one such tool where you will find an endless list of features that would make your diagramming journey smoother and more productive.

There are 100s of amazing features of EdrawMax, but some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Access to free templates.
  • Ability to import and export Visio formatted files.
  • Get on online collaboration.
  • Create a virtual team and add different team members to create 280+ diagrams.

Free UML Diagram Software

The free version of this UML diagram software offers a wide range of features, like:

  • Creating diagrams.
  • Exporting images with a watermark.
  • Accessing templates.
  • Creating personalized symbols;
  • And more.

However, if you or your team members are looking for more advanced options, we recommend checking out the paid plan.

This UML diagram software comes with a 7-day trial plan option that lets you check out all the premium features, like:

  • Export your file in Graphics formats, like JPEG, PNG, and SVG. That, too, is in high definition and without EdrawMax’s watermark.
  • All registered users get access to unlimited user-generated templates from the template community.
  • With the paid version of EdrawMax, you can import Microsoft Visio’s Stencils to work around VSDX format files.
  • In the paid version of EdrawMax, one can even access the previous revisions of any diagram type.
  • Premium users get to secure their files with a highly encrypted password.

Key Features of EdrawMax

In EdrawMax, there is no end to creativity because of the amazing features it offers to all registered users. Some of the most prominent features of EdrawMax are as follows:

  • All-in-one Diagram Software: Gone are the days when you had to depend on third-party tools to create business-related or project-related diagrams. EdrawMax is an all-in-one diagramming software that offers a wide range of design tools that keep beginners and professionals in mind. If you are starting, you will get access to the templates. If you are a professional, you can utilize more advanced features. In both cases, you can create 280+ diagrams, like network diagrams, science diagrams, business diagrams, building plans, industrial diagrams, and more. What is more amazing here is that you can create all these diagrams in one single vector-enabled canvas.

  • Enterprise-Scale Security: Even though EdrawMax is a free tool, we have ensured that we do not compromise when it comes to the safety and security of your private designs. If you export the file in EdrawMax’s EDDX format, it will remain encrypted and can only be accessed in other EDDX-enabled tools. If you are using the premium version of EdrawMax, you can even password-protect your encrypted file. Similarly, the online version of this UML diagram software comes with enterprise-level security, where we have enabled the highest level of SSL certification for online collaboration and file storage.

  • Templates: EdrawMax has a wide range of pre-built templates that helps beginners and companies to work around complicated UML and other diagrams. In this powerful diagramming tool, one will find thousands of free templates that one can easily customize. Simply head to the ‘Templates’ section in EdrawMax and look for the diagram you want to make, and the system will present hundreds of user-generated templates on the same diagram.

As a registered user, all you have to do is to duplicate the content, and now you can start working on your diagram, where you will get pre-imported content.

  • Online Collaboration: Unlike other diagramming tools where one has to take the help of third-party tools to bring their remote team members together in one space, EdrawMax comes with an online version specifically designed to handle this issue. Head to the web version of EdrawMax and check out the team-building option. From here, you can easily invite several of your team members for online collaboration. Together, you all can create wonderful UML diagrams or discuss different components and subcomponents of the same.

  • Export Option: EdrawMax lets you export your diagrams into multiple formats. You can export your diagram to PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, HTML, OFFICE, and other formats per your requirements. The export option is not limited to certain formats. Rather, you can even present your diagram to your offline or online team using the Slideshow feature. You can even copy the URL of your diagram and attach it to an email. You can further take the embedded codes of your design and add them to your website’s web pages. With EdrawMax, there is no limit to features and creativity.

Final Thoughts

UML diagramming may sound complicated to beginners or someone just starting out with project management. However, with the right tool, creating a UML diagram is not only fun but also educating as well. As you saw here, EdrawMax is the ultimate solution for UML diagram-related queries. From providing access to 25,000+ symbols and 1,500+ user-generated templates, EdrawMax is a one-of-a-kind UML diagram software designed to simplify project managers’ lives. Head to the official website of EdrawMax and join the 25 million users in creating highly distinctive UML diagrams.