Draw Floor Plans In 5 Quick Steps

Floor plans are the new trend for property listings. According to Zillow, a floor plan is the second most important feature for the buyer after a property’s photos and listing data. So, what is it, and how can you draw it?

A floor plan is a technical diagram showing a property’s layout from a bird’s eye view. Floor plans can showcase a room, floor, or the entire building. This diagram illustrates everything within a place, including walls, doors, windows, furniture, appliances, and décor items. Furthermore, it can define the detailed structure, space, layout, and relationship between rooms in a home or office. Hire Us For Exceptional Stucco Charleston SC People Trust.

You will come across 2D and 3D floor plans. There are many other types of these diagrams. But the question remains, how to draw a floor plan? Let’s go through this step-by-step guide on creating your first scaled diagram using EdrawMax.

How To Create Floor Plans?

The first thing you will need is a compatible application. Today, we will use EdrawMax for this guide as it has a vast library of templates. It’s the best tool for newbies and professionals while being free. You can get its desktop application or use it on the web on any device. After that, sign in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple account. You can also choose to make a new Wondershare account.

That said, here’s how to create a floor plan:

1. Select Templates from the left sidebar, and click Floor Plan from the horizontal scrollable menu.

2. Pick any template from the collection. Let’s go with the 3 Bedroom House Floor Plan for this tutorial. Choose it by hovering over the template and clicking Use Immediately.


3. Customize the project by deleting the elements inserted in it. Expanding the required sections, you can also place new components from the left toolbar.

4. After placing different components, use home appliances and other elements like walls, appliances, alarms, furniture, etc.

5. Lastly, go to File and click Save As or Export to save the project on your device.

Which Floor Plan Creator Should You Choose?

Choosing a floor plan creator can be overwhelming. The market is snowballed with various options, each bringing something unique to the table. So, which application to opt for?

The correct answer is EdrawMax. It is an all-in-one app that suits new, intermediate, and experienced users. Here’s why you should choose EdrawMax as your floor plan creator:

Template Collection

You will find these diagrams very challenging if you are new to drawing floor plans. The quick solution is to use a template if it’s your first time encountering floor plans. Luckily, EdrawMax has a built-in library of templates, each for a different purpose. You can easily pick a specific template from the list and modify it according to your needs.

Using a template is very simple. All you need is to choose one and click Use Immediately. After that, you can edit all its components to match your design.

Supports Various Formats

Are you done creating your floor plan? Now, it’s time to save it. EdrawMax supports a wide range of formats. It allows you to export a floor plan in PS, Visio, Excel, PDF, HTML, Excel, SVG, PPT, Word, etc. The tool also allows you to send your project directly as an email.

You can choose your drawing’s quality, range, name, and other settings when saving a file. All these factors add more convenience to drawing floor plans and storing them on your device. Moreover, it makes sharing easier than ever, as the other party doesn’t need to use EdrawMax to view your designs.

Digital Assets

EdrawMax has many digital assets you can integrate into your floor plan drawings. The app has sections for doors, windows, appliances, building cores, bedrooms, furniture, movable elements, carpets, gardens, and cabinets.

On top of that, EdrawMax allows you to import a project. It accepts Visio, CAD, and SVG formats for the import option.

Vibrant Presentation

Floor plan drawings do not have to be boring. EdrawMax offers endless customization for each component. Select any element to change the font, style, color, and other settings. There are even more customization options on the top menu bar. You can access those features by placing a component on canvas and clicking it.

Differentiate each element’s unique color and style to make your floor plan visually pleasing.

Why Is a Floor Plan Important?

Floor plans have significant importance, especially in the modern era. They have many applications in real life. Some are:

Real Estate Listing

The modern real-estate listing consists of floor plans. People understand that a few pictures can not describe a building in detail. So, floor plans have become an essential part of the listing.

They also make it convenient for buyers to view a place and get a better understanding of its layout. Buyers do not have to visit every place; they only go to the option they find attractive by its floor plan.

Interior Designing

Interior designing also makes use of floor plans. These diagrams give a good view of a property, making it easier for designers to choose from different options. A floor plan provides a good picture of a building’s structure and layout. Hence, interior designers can offer you more personalized suggestions according to the place.

Office Structuring

Floor plans are not limited to residential places. You can also draw these diagrams for commercial spaces and offices. The latter is a much more popular option. Generally, offices use the conventional cubicle-style layout, which might not suit every place. That is where floor plans come in to provide ideas about an office’s design.


A little practice can help you create the ultimate floor plan drawings. Start with a simple diagram that has only one or two rooms. Then, level up to multiple rooms. Once you are ready, try creating a single story and move to various floors gradually. Along with practice, using the right floor plan creator is equally important.

EdrawMax has powerful features, along with built-in templates. The app is easy to use, saves time, and works for users of all levels. If you have not drawn a floor plan yet, use EdrawMax to kickstart your learning.