Do you SERIOUSLY need a bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta? Yes!

Biking around the roads of Atlanta can be a fun activity. Unfortunately, bikers often end up in serious road mishaps that leave them with unforeseen injuries and losses. It’s obvious that bicyclists are more exposed to the elements compared to people sitting in cars. Expectedly, the injuries are often extreme and disastrous. As someone injured in a freak accident, you are probably wondering whether you should spend on hiring a bicycle accident lawyer. Top injury law firms in Atlanta don’t charge a fee until you win, and you can choose to set up a free consultation now. For your help, here is an overview of your lawyer’s role in filing a claim. s

Focus on what is necessary

Injuries can take a long time to heal, and it is always wise to prioritize your medical care and recover immediately after a bicycle accident. You are probably concerned about whether or how you can recover compensation for your losses, and that’s where an attorney can help.

Lawyers know the process

With years of fighting for victims, experienced bicycle accident lawyers know everything about claims and lawsuits. Your injury lawyer will do the following for you-

  1. Check all details to build a strong injury claim
  2. Determine the best strategy to recover the highest settlement
  3. Handle the claims process for you
  4. Communicate with the claims adjuster on your behalf
  5. Investigate the bicycle accident to find the necessary evidence
  6. Determine what the claim is worth based on your injuries and losses
  7. Negotiate the settlement with the insurance company
  8. File a lawsuit when the insurance refuses to pay a fair settlement

No win, no fee

As we mentioned before, lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee for personal injury lawsuits. Instead, they look for a contingency fee, which is based on the outcome of your claim. The lawyer gets to keep a fixed percentage of the final recovery when you win, but if the claim doesn’t go your way, they cannot demand a fee. The initial consultation is always FREE, and you can meet an attorney to build trust before you engage them in the case.

If you have never worked with a bicycle accident lawyer in the past, we recommend that you check online reviews and look for more details in the lawyer’s profile. An attorney who is experienced with auto and bicycle accident claims should be your first choice, and you can always discuss your concerns related to the case when you meet them.