Discover the Wonders of Kenya: Unforgettable Safari Tour Packages Await!

Kenya is a dream destination for many. This beautiful country has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes, wildlife, and culture. Many naturalists, wildlife lovers, and others alike visit this safari destination through various Kenya tour packages. Activities like the Masai Mara safari are some of the reasons why Kenya is so popular.

Here are some of the reasons why your next vacation should be to Kenya

Variety of wildlife

Kenyan national parks, reserves, conservancies, and protected areas are home to a variety of wildlife species. Kenya’s rich biological diversity includes witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat. The big five animals, famously spotted during Africa Trip, are also found in Kenya. This group is made up of lions, leopards, cape buffalo, elephants, and rhinos. Historically, they were killed by trophy hunters but today, they are considered to be popular to observe in their natural habitat.

Grazing animals like giraffes, antelopes, dik-dik, klipspringer, warthogs, hippos, zebras, and many other herbivores are found in Kenya. Masai Mara is one of the best places to experience game drives, as it offers excellent wildlife sightings. Amboseli National Park is also the top-rated place for wildlife and stunning scenery. These parks also display dramatic action between predatory and prey.

In Samburu National Park, you can find the ‘Special Five’ group consisting of the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, beisa oryx, Somali ostrich, and the gerenuk. For wild explorers, Tsavo West and East National Park is ideal because it encompasses a huge area with several species of animals residing.

Colorful birdlife

At par with Kenyan wildlife is the birdlife of the country. All types of birds – common, endangered, rare, and migratory are found. A great birdwatching session can take place in any of the parks or reserves in Kenya. However, if you’re looking to witness distinct birds as much as possible, head towards the Rift Valley lakes in Kenya.

Kenya’s lakes and wetlands support the most beautiful and diverse avifauna found not only in Africa but also in the world. Lake Nakuru is the best place to spot waders, aquatic birds, and birds of prey in Kenya. Different species of kingfishers, herons, egrets, storks, cranes, and more live near the lake. Cormorants, African fish eagles, pelicans, and birds of prey like goshawks, bateleurs and many more can be spotted. The main highlight of Lake Nakuru is the millions of lesser and greater flamingoes that are attracted to the lake’s algae. They cover the lake like an enormous pink blanket, creating a surreal sight.

Lake Naivasha and Lake Elmenteita are other spots to see amazing birdlife in Kenya.

The Great Migration

Most of the people visit Kenya to see the Great Migration. It is considered to be the ‘seventh wonders of the natural world.’ Millions of wildebeest, thousands of zebras, and hundreds of impalas, and gazelles are involved in this migration.

The migration happens for food and water wherein the animals follow an age-old route. They start their journey from the Serengeti National Park located in Tanzania and travel all the way to Masai Mara for pasture. This migration is filled with obstacles faced by the migratory animals.

The predators in Masai closely follow the herds and prey on them every chance they get, resulting in thrilling chases. However, the most anticipated event of the migration is the Mara River crossings. Wildebeest and other animals attempt to cross over the river to reach the other side and continue their journey. The only obstacles are the strong currents of the river and the deadly Nile crocodiles waiting to feast on them. Watching a Mara River crossing is riveting but also captures the essence of nature and survival.

Exciting activities

In Kenya, you can spend your time enjoying many activities and experiences. The most famous activity, safaris, is a must in Kenyan parks and reserves. But besides game drives, there are many other activities to try out.

Bird watching by taking a boat safari in any of the Kenyan lakes is slowly becoming popular. Not only will you witness colorful avifauna but also animals that come to the shores for water. You can also observe the hippo population and crocodiles as closely as possible. In Masai Mara and Amboseli, you can try out hot air balloon rides and witness wildlife from a bird’s perspective at the crack of dawn.

Private Masai Mara conservancies such as Lemek, Ol Kinyei, Olare Motorogi, and others offer nighttime safaris where you can see nocturnal animals in the night. You can also learn to track animals with the help of local Maasais. Other activities that can be enjoyed are walking safaris, horseback safaris, camel rides, and bike rides. You can also enjoy an authentic camping experience called fly camping which is private and unique. Your very own private camp is set up to spend the night under the stars. During the day, you spend your time walking around and observing the ecosystem closely. Fly Camping expeditions are usually accompanied by an armed ranger, and a chef serving you warm meals.

Cultural immersion

Culture is one of the integral aspects of Kenya. The country is home to various tribes, each unique from another. A safari holiday in Kenya allows you to get up close and intimate with tribes like Masaai, Turkana, Samburu, Swahili, and more. These indigenous people have a rich history, interesting folklore, and unique traditions to share with others.

In Masai Mara, you can visit a Maasai village and take part in many of their rituals such as the jumping contest. In Samburu, you can interact with the Samburu people and learn about their bush skills.

Kenyan coastline

Surrounded by the Indian coastline, Kenya has the most stunning beaches and islands. Mombasa is a magical coastal destination where its north and south beaches are famous. Mombasa also has traditional markets for spices, and structures like churches, and mosques, displaying a mix of Swahili and Arabic architecture. Some of the best tropical beaches in Kenya are Lamu, Watamu, Diani, Lamu Island, and Nyali.

After completing safari expeditions, experience the Kenyan coastline by enjoying underwater activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and surfing are some experiences to try out.

Whether you choose a Masai Mara safari or any other activity in Kenya, make sure this country is added to your bucket list. Choose from endless Kenya tour packages to experience unspoiled African wilderness today.