Different Ways of Styling Short Hairstyles


Short hair has become the new way to wear your hair, especially for women. This is because there is a wide variety to choose from, and each short style brings out a different hidden personality. Short hairstyles have also become common because they are easy to maintain. They do not require too much styling, making them ideal for women with a busy lifestyle.

The wide variety of short hairstyles accommodates all hair types, textures, and even face shapes. Short hairstyles also allow you to incorporate features like curls and even accessories. The following are some of the gorgeous ways to style your short hair;

1. Choppy Pixie

This is an effortless way of rocking short hairstyles with minimal maintenance. A choppy pixie fits any facial shape and hair type and can greatly transform your usual appearance. This is because it helps to highlight your feminine facial features. The biggest advantage of a pixie is that it is very easy to wear and maintain.

2. Platinum Buzz

This hairstyle is achieved by cutting your hair short such that the scalp is almost visible when the hair is gently rubbed. Add some color to the hair to make the hairstyle more fashionable.

3. Side Swept Crop

As the name suggests, this short hairstyle has the hair on the side swept towards one side to add some volume. It is one of the easiest hairstyles for stylists, thanks to its simplicity. The side you choose to sweep the hair on is usually your choice and should be the one that brings out a perfect facial appearance. This is decided based on your face shape and complexion as well.


1. Slicked Downside Part

This style is usually achieved by laying down your hair using gel. The first part is the hair, so you have some that fall on ay side of the head. Comb the rest of the hair towards the back for a fashionable appearance. To maintain the neatness of the hair, use gel to lay it down on the scalp perfectly.

2. Curly Pompadour

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this is one of the perfect short hairstyles. But if not, you can use hair products to make the curls. The curls usually help to increase the volume of the hair. The addition of color to the curls gives you a fashionable appearance.

3. Slicked Back Bob

This short hairstyle is perfect for those with hair that reaches just above the shoulders. Part the hair in the middle such that it forms bangs. Apply gel to the hair to make the hairstyle neat and attractive. Flip the hair edges to make the hairstyle even more fashionable.

4. Ombre Bob

If your hair reaches just below the chin, you should try this short hairstyle. Part the hair in the middle of the head to make bangs. Straight hair makes a perfect bob as it tends to lay on the cheeks to conceal certain facial features. Dye the hair with any ombre color for a fashionable appearance.


1. Wavy Parted Bob

Just like the name suggests, this hairstyle is made using wavy hair. Firstly, ensure that the waves are enough to add to the volume of the hair. Part the hair in the middle such that they form wavy curtain bangs. Use a flat iron to bend the edges towards the chin for a more attractive appearance.

2. Straight Bob

There are so many short hairstyles for women with straight hair. However, this short hairstyle is perfect for those with naturally straight hair. Part the hair on one side of the head and tuck it behind the ear. Pair the straight bob with accessories like length dangly earrings.

3. Natural Curls

Natural curls allow you to rock a fashionable look without much effort. The short natural curls also help to frame your face as they easily conceal certain facial features. Let the curls stretch out freely such that they form a bob. The coils not only add to the hair’s volume but can also help to keep concealed bad hairlines. This hairstyle can be used for both formal and casual occasions.